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It was a great journey with FACT right from the very beginning till the end. The journey was made memorable by Avinash sir, Kiran mam, Katre madam, Bina Madam, Navin sir and the Thane Fact team. There were the three most difficult stages where the FACT team helped me out. The first stage was of cracking the GRE. Bina madam and Navin Sir helped me with my GRE exams and the tricks for cracking it.
After my GRE and TOEFL exams came the second most difficult stage of selecting the university according to research interest. It Herculean task to select few universities among the thousand universities in USA. Particularly I was very choosy for the universities which was offering course relevant to my field of research interest. But Avinash sir helped in going through this process made the task very simple and also made me learn how to know about the current research going on in the university . That helped me in selecting few of the good universities and guided me through the process of application work.
After getting the admits came the third most difficult stage, that of selecting between the two desired universities. At this stage of confusion Avinash Sir helped me in deciding for a university by comparing the university in every aspect. After finalising the university, then was it was the time of Visa interview which many students are scared of being rejected. But I am thankful to Katre madam and Avinash sir for helping me practice my mock interviews. And finally I would say by their blessings, I cracked my Visa interview in first attempt.
I would like to thank the whole FACT team for being with the students who need help and guiding them at every small point and wish them luck for future.






FACT has been of tremendous help throughout my admission process ie right from the day I took admission till the very last day... One thing I would very much like to mention is the amount of hardwork FACT's entire team takes in moulding students for their visa interviews... Mock interview sessions conducted by FACT are hell of confidence boosters and this is something which other councillors might not offer you. The Univ which Avinash Sir recommends are the best ones that suits your profile... Katre mam gives a lot of confidence and at the same time makes you aware of the reality as to where you stand... Avinash Sir's frankness helped me immensely... ofcourse Kiran mam is like an All Rounder of the FACT team... I would like to thank Sunil Shah Sir for his guidence through various sessions... My best regards to the entire FACT team for all their future endeavours..






I am a computer science student and i was enrolled in fact in 2011. I loved fact because of their way of teaching and helping. All faculty at fact were very approachable and friendly, so i was able to get help from them in a really efficient manner. I wished my teachers here would be like the ones in fact. They helped me make an awesome SOP and made my VISA application process really smooth and easy. Fact unlike some other institutions promises to help students even after they have reached US which give me a real sense of relief after I reached US. Thank you fact for all your help and support.






After lot of enquiries ...finally I joined FACT in 2009. I spent my everyday in FACT classroom studying quant and verbal, discussing the problems with the teacher and some of my new friends at FACT. It provides excellent classrooms and place to discuss the problems. Somehow in 2010 I was not able to get admission in 2010 fall for PhD in good american Institution. I did not try in 2011. Came back in 2012 and I found out one Scheme of Government of India for abroad studies. I applied for that scheme taking help from Avinash Sir. After I got interview call at Delhi Avinash sir told me the things which were important for the interview and I got selected in top 10 candidates.
Everything went well this year and finally I landed in US for PhD in Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology. This university offers best curriculum and research in my area which I am passionate for. FACT is a family for me and as Sunil sir tells everyone once you enrolled in FACT you become a lifetime member and its a long association of fact and you.
Its a strong resource ...they never settles for what they and their students have accomplished. Together they help towards challenges that help assure growing appreciation for the foreign education. They provide you inspiration to think abroad.
Kiran mam is best administrator and as a person can helpful for. Katre mam's VISA interview sessions get cross you the important hurdle in your dream coming true. Avinash sir is an example of best as an independent advisor/friend can offer. He is friend more than a counselor, so I never hesitated to talk him in any matter.






It was a great journey along with FACT. The study and the application procedure don’t seem difficult now. Prior, after completing my Bachelor’s degree, I was quite unsure to continue with my master’s in India or to look for the opportunities outside India. I met Katre madam, who guided me about opportunities and the necessary steps to be taken to avail the opportunity. I would like to thank Bina madam and Navin sir, who helped me in polishing up my Verbal and Quants knowledge.
After my GRE and TOEFL exams it seemed a Herculean task to select few universities among the thousand universities in USA. But Avinash sir helped in going through this process. They gave me a few universities based on my scores and overall performance. That helped me in selecting few of the good universities and guided me through the process of application work.
Now after my packets were send and my admits had started coming, we all students were guided by Sunil sir regarding our visa documentation. Then was it was the time of Visa interview which many students are scared of being rejected. But I am thankful to Katre madam and Onkar sir for helping me practice my mock interviews. And finally I would say by their blessings, I cracked my Visa interview in first attempt.
Thanks to the whole team of FACT.
Finally, I Thank the whole FACT team for being with us and helping us at every small point and wish them luck for future.






It has been three years since I am wandering here and there for going to USA. I was trying every thing to get university with full funding but all efforts were in vain.Then I came to know about FACT, where Mr Avinash and Mrs Kiran assured me, I will get university with 100% financial aid. And their words came true when I got University as I wished. Advice of FACT was really priceless and helpful at every stage starting from Making of SOP, Selection of university, Mails with professor, visa guidance. Best Part of Mr. Avinash is that the way he eases tensions of every students, is really awesome. Then availlibilty of Mr. Avinash, he is just call away from you. Moreover, guidance of Mrs. Katre madam for Visa counselling was valuable too.I know that only words cant describe my indebtedness towards Entire FACT team, but I am really thankful to every one from FACT team.






 It’s not just a good university database, pool of information, maintenance of the past records that makes me recommend FACT but the friendly environment, maintained by the experts encouraging you to ask your ‘silly’ queries distinguishes it from the others whose appointment is marked by the formal code of conduct strictures you to speak out your mind.

Special thanks to Avinash Veer sir for showing such patience with me during the application process, helping me explore the university list, and finally help getting landed at University of Washington, one of the top schools in USA, even after getting visa rejected in the first attempt. You will hardly find such a guy with nice creative ideas, great sense of humor, truly enjoying company of students helping them achieve there goals!!






I have been part of FACT for last one year. It was a great journey of my life and helped me a lot to mold my career. And I am really very happy and satisfied after getting admission in good university. Everybody at FACT was always helpful to me but they never spoon feed anything to me. There were lot of up’s and down’s in the whole application process but every time everyone stood beside me and helped me to gain my confidence. According to my academics and financial condition they found me the best possible universities which had excellent course and research in my field of interest.
Avinash sir helped me a lot in this whole process. He is the friendliest person in FACT but he is very straight forward when it is required and will get things done from you in right way. You will realize at the end that his straight forward attitude was correct. I thank to Katre Madam, Kiran Madam and Avinash sir for helping me to achieve my goal . I will always feel proud to be part of FACT.






I became a part of the FACT family when I was in 12th. I would be heading to The University of Toledo for my bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Now when I am about to depart, I ought to thank the FACT team for all the valued guidance I received from them.
Kiran mam, Avinash sir, Katre mam, Bina mam and Navin sir helped a lot. I am very thankful for the motivation and the positive approach imbibed in me by Kiran mam, Bina mam and Katre mam. The daunting application process seemed easy with a counselor like Avinash sir. His laconic + jovial approach helped me to be in composure.
Once again, I thank FACT for all the support.






It was a difficult journey through GRE, TOEFL and finally the visa. I say difficult and not impossible because people at FACT were there to help me out at every step. There are many people who ask me which consultancy is best one. I am not biased towards FACT but I really had such an experience that whenever someone asks me this question my answer is always going to be FACT. My visa was rejected for the first time, I was very depressed and thought that would never get my visa. The first thing that I did was to go and talk to Avinash sir and really as always I left his office with my confidence restored. I went through almost 9-10 mock interviews before both my interviews. They actually told me where I went wrong for the first time and they saw to it that I will not repeat those mistakes again. They checked each and every packet of mine personally so that all my documents would reach their respective universities perfectly. I still remember troubling Kiran mam and Avinash sir till 10 pm because I wanted to finalize my packets that day itself and they stayed there till I was satisfied.
Avinash sir is more like a friend than an advisor. I would like to mention one thing here which I learned through hard way, if you have joined FACT then trust them, they know better about these universities and this entire process than the guys on the internet . You can't trust what is written on the internet but you can definitely trust these people because I did and I am here today in USA pursuing my dream.






"Angels are always above our shoulders"
For me these angels were in the form of Kiran Madam, Avinash sir, Sunil sir and Katre madam. Its because that I have worked so closely with them I can say that these guys are highly dedicated in their work and each one of them strives extremely hard to put every student to the best possible university. It is this dedication which has helped me pursue my dream like many others who had joined FACT. I would recommend FACT to everyone who wants to pursue their American dream.






My experience with FACT has been very enlightening. I received much more than I bargained for and I have a lot more understanding of me as a whole. All the elements of this process were very "happy treats" and really helped drive and direct the educational side.
I'm going abroad centered, inspired, and feeling more alive than ever. Thank you for your gifts, your words, heart and true inspiration. My journey started with a seminar on foreign education by Sunil shah sir. He kept inspiring me from that point till now. When it comes to preparation, I was weak in maths but with great efforts by faculty I was able to fetch good score. Then pain stalking application process started. It was not a cakewalk but because of proper guidance of Avinash sir and Katre madam I completed whole process with ease. They helped from filling up the forms to choosing apparel for visa interview. Avinash sir is one of the best buddies I have met in my life. I learned so many things from him, from eating to reading. It was great journey so far for me. I hope future students will have same experience with FACT.



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First of all a BIG thank you to FACT team. When I came to FACT first time I was very confused not knowing what to do, how to do etc. However step by step, inch by inch we achieved the objective. We here refer to Avinash sir, Katre mam, Kiran mam and of course Sunil sir. Being away from family it was difficult to arrange all documents, at times literally depressing but FACT faculty was always there to help me. I remember I was at fact office at 9.00 pm with Katre mam making sure if my file is proper to be sent ahead. I had a dream and FACT made sure I get there. I can not express the joy of achieving the target, thanx a ton to FACT!






Many thanks to the entire team of FACT for helping me at each and every step, right from the preparation of SAT and TOEFL upto the VISA counseling. During the last 18-20 months or so, that is, since I joined FACT, each day had been a crucial one. I cannot think of a single night when I didn't imagine myself flying abroad for my studies. The preparation, the process and the tension was indeed considerable. But FACT really helped me in getting through each and every scenario quite easily. The support of Sunil sir, Katre madam, Kiran madam and Avinash sir is noteworthy.
You really need a strong and sturdy helping hand in the case of abroad studies; FACT is just the one you would want!






I am Ashwin. I have completed my 12th standard board examinations and now leaving for my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering BS in Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis. I shall receive my degree from Purdue University. FACT was able to guide my family and myself through the entire process, from start to finish. FACT has also helped me secure a 48000$ scholarship. For this I am ever grateful to the FACT team.






I had got a poor GRE score of 1190 when i met Avinash Sir. He advised me on giving GRE again if I had time. I studied for it and got a score of 1490 in my 2nd attempt. The advise with filling application, SOP, Resume was valuable and the best part was that he was just a ping away on gtalk to clear any doubts. The hectic application process seemed easier with his laid back and chilled out attitude. The VISA guidance from him and Katre man helped me gain confidence before the interview. My brother had already worked under Avinash Sir, 3 years back and I was sure that it was worth the investment. Thank you for the all the guidance.






It has been more than a year I have been a part of F.A.C.T and I can surely state that it’s a great satisfaction that I have today. Enrolling at F.A.C.T was a correct step towards pursuing desired course at reputed universities abroad. There have situations where I felt I was not going to make it, but that’s where F.A.C.T shows us way. I had a very average profile; still I got admit from a good university with a scholarship that covers 80% of my expenses. It’s the outcome experienced and proper guidance of the faculty at FACT.
Throughout the procedure, right since preparing for GRE to Visa, at every step, guidance by faculty has been valuable. Online tests are really helpful for preparation. While short listing universities especially suitable to my financial background and course, guidance was extraordinary! I feel I could do justice my profile only because of FACT! F.A.C.T is family and available whenever and whatever the problem. This is the institute where they do not spoon-feed students but make them understand the procedure and motivate them to bring out there best. I thank whole heartedly to Kiran madam, Katre madam and Avinash Sir are constantly motivating and I am proud to say I belong to F.A.C.T.






My experience with fact started with my seniors who joined FACT and their seniors before them. It is tried and tested and it is successful. Met many down to earth and friendly people here who know the problems students face know the solutions as well. Got guidance every step of the way, right from selecting a college to the VISA interviews leaving things to chance is not the way FACT works. To get our goal we try once we try twice may be thrice, but FACT will make sure you work till you get that goal and wont let you stop half way through. FACT is in the business of realizing dreams, and they do it well.






“Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success. “

I'd like to acknowledge the help and support of the FACT team, esp. Avinash Sir, Katre Ma’am and Kiran Ma’am, that I have experienced in last few months. I was impressed by the efficient response, constant communication and concern for the student requirements that the FACT team have been providing to me. Avinash Sir had all the patience in the world to answer my queries (a few stupid queries to be precise :D). Katre Ma’am prepared me for my Visa Interview in just 4 days. From my point of view, such friendly yet professional approach can only lead to success and satisfaction. There is no better way to thank these people than getting your Visa approved..!
I have fussed at times but the end results have been spectacular.

Once again, I want to thank my mentors from bottom of my heart for their excellent support and guidance. Your guidance has served as a template for my successful future.

It’s rightly said that “Actions speak louder than Words”. Therefore, join in guys and find out yourself..!






Process of applying to US university is very tedious work, from LOR to SOP to selection of university according to your course requirement, research a scholarship opportunities and not to forget all the junk load of document to be prepared for Visa interview. FACT has made this entire process quite simple because they know what exactly needs to be done at every point, there is no point of misdirection.
I'm very thankful to Shraddha mam and Onkar sir for their relentless support at each step in the process from selecting universities to application till Visa interview.
I would certainly recommend FACT to all the future aspirants






A big big thank you for helping me. The support and encouragement you provided helped me do well in the exams. All the members at Fact are great. They simply know there job well. Special thanks to Navin sir and Beena Maam for helping me with the preparations. No matter how stupid the doubt would be, they always had the time and patience to solve me. Also I thank Sunil Shah sir, for making FACT an institute that trains students to excel nd not just teach them tricks to get through the exams. The excellent ambience and updated material at FACT Dadar, helped me prepare for the exam very well. It was because of Hiren Sir and Vaishali Maam(FACT Nashik) that the entire application process went off very smoothly. I had 5 admits from the 8 universities. All in all....it was simply great not only to learn with FACT but also to be a member of FACT. Thank you very much every one at FACT for making me a member of your family. It shall be my pleasure if anytime in future i get an opportunity to be of any use to FACT in the Future.






Fact has been very helpful throughout the application process and the Visa guidance as well. Now, I havent got a chance to interact with all the people at FACT. But Avinash sir,Katre madam and Kiran madam have been very supportive and confidence boosters throughout. They wont just compliment you but will tell upfront if you are doing something wrong, especially Avinash Sir, his approach is very straightforward, which makes you realize where you exactly stand.

FACT has served fantastically. I hope they continue to show the same path to all students.






I am really grateful to FACT for guiding my way for foreign studies to Louisiana State University for Masters in Computer Science course. I have always dreamt of studying abroad and it came true  with the help of FACT. I am really thankful to FACT for it. My special thanks to my Counselors Avinash Veer , Katre and Kiran Madam for guiding me through all my admission procedure right from selecting university to landing on the university campus. It was a very distinctive experience with FACT. I am very contented with the service and concern they gave me. I wish them best of luck for their future and for the service they offer to the students. I wish them to prolong it for many approaching years.






It was definitely an advantage joining FACT. I got my documentation complete on time because of the prompt action taken by Hiren sir and FACT team. Due to this I was able to get admit in the desired university.
FACT was very helpful from the beginning, may be it was about selecting my specialization, suggesting me universities accordingly, helping in preparing SOP and RECOs, checking packets every time, I remember calling him at least 15 times daily for silly queries, but FACT was helpful each and every time. Be it any time of the day, he was always there to solve any type of difficulty that I faced during the process.
Onkar sir was also of great help with visa process. Visa practices taken by him and Katre madam gave me a lot of confidence for the final interview. When I had all the admits, both of them helped me to choose the best university.
I will recommend FACT to each and every person who seeks my advice on educational counseling...!!
Thank you F.A.C.T once again for always being there for me.






 In my statement of purpose I wrote, 'My journey to success would start if I get an admit from your university', but now I realize that my actual journey began when I took the first step and joined FACT.
Almost a year before i gave my GRE and had no clue as to what should I do next, but then I got the most needed guidance from Avinash Sir. He is the one who actually made this happen. So guys if you want to pursue your Master's just appear for exams and I assure that Avinash Sir will take care of the rest.
I want to thank the entire team of FACT from Sunil sir to Shailesh who have helped in this admission process and made it possible... Cheers FACT!!!!!!! Thanks a lot...






I first went to FACT office after getting a GRE score that was rather low for my profile. I had expected a counselor to console me and give me assurances. But Avinash sir did none of that and refused to even admit me till I retake GRE and get a respectable score. As scary as it sounded at that time, it felt totally worth after 3 months while walking out of the GRE center with an improvement of 220 marks and a very very respectable score.
What I have observed about counselors at FACT is that they will do anything they can to get your problems solved. In fact, sometimes they go out of the way. For example, I remember Avinash sir solving my doubts on GTalk at 1:30 AM. They do have well defined procedures, documents and seminars like others, but in my opinion, what sets them apart is their willingness to listen to what you have to say and solve all your ad-hoc doubts.
Since most of my interaction happened with Avinash sir, I know most about him. But I am pretty sure it is true about everyone who works at FACT. Rather than investing in big offices and shiny rooms, they have invested in people and all they have is pure gold.






My journey with FACT began when, on a friend’s recommendation, I stumbled into the Borivali office decided to apply to the Fall term of 2012 for my masters in mechanical engineering. This was my second application season, my first one for Fall 2011 was a devastating failure. After trying out various options, I suddenly remembered my friend’s advice and turned to FACT as a last resort. This was in Dec 2011. I met Hiren Sir, who asked me about my background and raised my spirits. Although initially skeptical, I was quite impressed by their professional attitude and commitment and I felt I might have come to the right place. And thus it began..

Shraddha mam and the rest of the staff at FACT were extremely helpful and patient with me, sometimes sitting late into the evenings helping me with packets and clearing any doubts or anxiety. Whenever I wanted help, it was just an email or a phone call away.
The results speak for themselves; I got admission into six out of nine colleges I had applied and four with scholarship upto 90%. After my Fall 2011 season where I secured only two admits out of ten and only one for MS, I found this drastic change just phenomenal.
Come VISA application time, Onkar sir was always available to clear any doubts of my VISA process and guided me regarding the fine intricacies it. The mock interviews he conducted and the tips he gave for the interview also helped greatly in dissolving my anxiety and helping me clear the final big hurdle to MS in US, the VISA interview. We became buddies towards the end of the VISA season.

This is the account of my wonderful journey with FACT. I cannot thank Shraddha mam, Hiren Sir, Onkar sir and all the other FACT staff enough for their fantastic support and genuine concern towards my application, without which all my results would not have been possible..






If you trust someone, trust till the end whatever the results might be, at the end, either you will have a very good friend or a very good lesson. In my case I definitely have earned a lifelong friendship.
For me life was and am sure will be an unpredictable journey only to be much unafraid of now. It’s the time when you feel all hopes lost and left nowhere, life gives you yet another spark of hope to rekindle the dying flame. For me such a spark of life were Mr. Sunil Shah and Mr. Avinash Veer whose help and incessant support is inexplicable.
FACT and me know it well the entire process for me had never been a cake walk but words from Sunil Sir and Avinash Sir kept my spirit going. I recall the days of GRE. The most dreadful examination of my life or so were it called by most of my friends then. The examination definitely is not dreadful but for the experiences others share before you sit on the hot seat for 3 hours. I still remember the day of having met Sunil Sir a few days before I was to take my second attempt. I had been to his office bit neurotic, so would I term my condition then. Sunil Sir shared one of his experiences of Para gliding at Goa. A novice as one is before his first attempt on a task, unknown to the rules of paragliding, Sunil Sir was told by his guide to just trust him and jump and enjoy the experience. His expressions reflected the delight he had after completing the Paraglide. He reiterated the same to me with the credence I cannot pen in words. I cross my heart, 2 minutes before the examination were to commence, I only had two individuals on mind – 1st Lord Siddhivinayak and 2nd Sunil Sir and his four Words ‘Trust me - Kood Jaa’ (English- Jump). His words had entered in me like a bolt. Yes the results of the examination too reflected delight on my face.
A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of one’s heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping, and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away. Similar had been Avinash Sir. Believe and Blindly Trust every word this man says. May that be regarding your University selection, admission, your visa interview and your Visa status. You can rest assured once you get a Green light from him. I cannot thank Avi Sir enough for his help. I only wonder when he rests.
Every step, every path I took, I had FACT to guide me all the way through. I thank Katre Mam for the help during my Visa as also Hiren and Shraddha who had always been there for any and all the questions I had. Not to forget 24 hours of the day. Especially Hiren who more than a counselor has been and is a very dear friend to me.
I see FACT as a ‘Tower of Strength’. Much trustworthy and powerful than you can imagine at first glance. I owe FACT my lifetime opportunity of flying to the States and doing my further studies, without whose help I might not have had it.
Do not trust all men, but trust men of worth; the former course is silly, the latter a mark of prudence.






I feel fortunate that I have joined FACT to take guidance to apply for master's studies. And I have learned a lot from Avinash sir. I appreciate his friendly approach in guiding me through the whole process. His guidance helped me not only through this process successfully but also in developing my reading habits and other extra curricular activities. I must say that by joining FACT I have got a friend for lifetime.






Its my pleasure to write about FACT academy. I have shared a long but eventful journey with FACT. When i had joined FACT i was this naive girl who wanted to study abroad but didnt know the way. I was scared and worried as to how will i be able to pull this whole process that too in a short span of time. I was worried about the exams, the application process, the admits, accomodation, on-campus jobs, finance, course work etc and most importantly VISAAAAAA........... That took the hell out of me, but with FACT every step seemed achievable and possible. I have fulfilled my dream finally.
The team of FACT right from Sunil sir, Hiren sir, Shraddha maam, Mandaar sir, everyone has been sweet and equally effective in helping me achieve my dream. Shraddha maam and Mandaar sir have been a great help in clearing the exams. Hiren sir and Kaatre madam helped me in preparing my additional documents like my SOP, LOR and resumes and other things required in the application process.They helped me in selecting the universities and in filling out the application forms and sending the packets. Sunil sir has guided me with his thoughful advice. Everyone has supported me in the numerous process of applying abroad. The whole journey just seems like a cakewalk to me and FACT helped me achieve it so easily. All i can say is a hearty thanks from my heart to the entire FACT team.






When I decided to pursue my post graduation overseas and thought of applying, I was confused in deciding how to go about the entire procedure. Through a friend's recommendation, I joined FACT and in due course realized, how things went on very smoothly and everything fell in place. Fact has been with me in each and every step towards fulfilling my dream of studying in the abroad universities. The people whom i need to thank are, beginning with our very own Mrs.Katre ( madam),the ultimate confidence booster, and without whom i would have never been able to live my dream today. Next, Vaishali madam, who has been very kindly and patiently solving all the doubts and problems during application and visa. Avinash sir, for helping me in the visa procedures , and last but not the least prakash dada, for managing the applications and helping them send safely. I heartily thank each and every one for being with me throughout my journey !!

They all make a perfect team !!

cheers to them!!






I sit on this rocking chair in the campus of WPI today and exactly an ear back I was in ocean of doubts if I will ever be able to pursue this dream of getting a masters degree from a good university, then came Avinash sir who helped me a lot and showed me direction of doing the things the right way right from SOPs to applying to the universities to finalize it. I am glad that I came to FACT and it was one of the best decisions I took for getting into MS course over here.






Well,My experience at FACT was quite nice. From selecting universities to the Mock Visa Interviews,FACT people are always there for me 24*7. People at FACT like Hiren,Onkar are very helpful and interactive.They always tell you what is best for you.Applying to US universities is very cumbersome process but because of FACT,I nevet stuck up at any point.I highly recommend FACT consultation for Higher studies in US.FACT rocks!!!






I would like to take this opportunity  to thanks fact for their well-deserved  efforts  on my application and Visa process for US Universities.  As I was employed and had a hectic work schedule It was very difficult for me to do all the application formalities like SOP , Recommendation by my own . Fact made my overall application process very easy . I would like to especially thanks ajay sir for their efforts for getting me into good University and would like to wish FACT best of luck for future success.






I will remember the entire process beginning from selecting univs to finalizing one to Visa prep. in the end to fun parties wit Avinash sir ("part of our counseling sessions okk") all my life and this is only because THE FACT Team made the otherwise tough n tedious process look so simple, taking things one by one going by every individuals pace, catering to to every student it different way. 

The most imp. thing is, "Everything u can think in your wildest dreams [about gng for MS off course ;) ], THEY HAVE AN ANSWER TO IT, They just have it,  (cud nt put this in simpler words n specially please don’t ever doubt Avinash sir’s judgement :P, rt sir ? )" 

Thank you every one at FACT, Special thanks to Avinash Sir n Katre Madam :)






To start off with, I would say that I am an engineering student only because of FACT. Life had become hell for me after my board exams and I had no options other than taking up a career which would land me nowhere. At first it sounds ridiculous when Sunil sir tells you the expenses that you’ll have to face after you go to USA through FACT’s supervision. But after sometime it starts making sense and now I experience it myself. Precise counseling, no shitty business is FACT’s motto. Guidance and help is available at FACT 24X7. No matter what queries you have, FACT has the answers to them. I owe every bit of my wonderful experiences in USA to FACT. Sunil Sir’s surmounting advice, Avinash Sir’s guidance (special care with sweet words I must say) and other teachers’ coaching will definitely help you land in a place full of opportunities. That’s my word for all the students at FACT.






When I first heard of a FACT seminar, I was pursuing electrical engineering in the first year of college. My mother and I attended the seminar delivered by Sunil Shah sir. His talk totally transformed our outlook toward the concept of ‘studying abroad’. My parents and I thought that it would be great if I could pursue education in the USA right from the Bachelors’ level.
            And so began my odyssey toward education in the USA. I enrolled in FACT and started preparing for the SAT and TOEFL entrance tests. My mentors- Amar Singh sir and Raghavan sir kept constant track of my preparation, clarified my doubts, evaluated my answers and instilled in me the confidence to face these tests smartly. I scored very well in these examinations, in sync with the expectations of my mentors. This was followed by the process of application to universities. Avinash sir helped me choose the universities after weighing their pros and cons in terms of quality, my scores, scholarships and so on.
            Furthermore, FACT assisted me greatly with visa process. Raghavan sir guided me step-by-step through the visa application process, whereas Katre madam readied me for the actual visa interview.
           Moreover, the atmosphere at FACT is very friendly and comfortable. I was properly advised through every step and my doubts resolved. I am now headed to the university of Texas for a BS in aerospace engineering and I am largely thankful to FACT for helping me secure a great step toward my career. I am sure FACT will continue developing the careers of students in the future too.                                                                    - Thank you






"Perhaps the best thing about FACT is that they make it brutally easy for you to prepare and reach the US. So much so, that you tend to it for granted even before we get the visa! A very well laid out system, friendly yet thoroughly professional, and extremely approachable counselors help to take off your anguish and pressures the moment you partner with FACT. Absolutely recommended for anyone planning to study abroad!






I enrolled at the Thane branch with all kinds of skeptic thoughts in my mind about ‘Will I be able to pursue MS someday?’ Now looking back at the whole process, right from working on those words for GRE to reaching US, I faced lot of obstacles. But I had my counselor cum mentor cum guru cum friend, Avinash Sir, and the whole FACT team as a matter of fact with me. I remember going to the Thane office many times with a major situation and hundreds of things going on in my mind to meet Avinash Sir and would leave the office discussing about a new movie or song or a cricket match, of-course after solving the “major problem” in minutes. None of my problems were ever new to him. He used to say, “This whole process is like a test of whether you can handle difficult situations in MS, so everyone should go through it.”

Now, Kiran Madam could easily be the sweetest person on this planet. Initially, I was pretty apprehensive about GRE, then the documents, the packets, the visa…basically I had less information. But, Kiran Madam patiently cleared all my doubts and explained the process in detail.

The best thing I liked about training in FACT was that I could come to classes on my time. All the study material was made available plus a math genius, Raghavan Sir, who used to solve the most difficult problems with the most simplest of methods. Beena Madam used to conduct verbal tests regularly. I remember sitting for hours with 3 other friends in the classroom. No one used to disturb us. All in all, the study atmosphere was very well developed. The online website maintenance team was also great.

Finally, the credit goes to Sunil Shah Sir who created this FACT Family and I am glad to be treated as a part of it.
P.S.:- Avinash Sir, U Rock…






F.A.C.T – Foreign academic and consultancy training is what the board reads. But according to me this firm does more than it actually speaks of. If you are in FACT, I can assure you will get a good school in the United States, whoever it may be then. First when you meet SUNIL SHAH you get a small glimpse of FACT and what it does. You feel great when you talk to him. It boosts your internal energy level.

“Tula America la pochavnach nusta kaam nahi ahey majha.. jeveha tu FACT join kartos tevha pasun mi tujha baba ase samajh. Joparyant tu tithey settle hot nahis toparyant mala tujhi kalji lagli asnar. If u fail me, u better know that I have a lot money to come there, slap u hard across ur face and bring u back.”

These were the first words that he said to me when I joined FACT. I wasn’t an extraordinary student or something there. But I tried my level best to be one, and his words were enough to build the confidence in you.

When I joined FACT and knew that I had to take SAT and TOEFL, I was a bit tensed about the whole thing. There was RITEN Sir to help me through all this. He was a brilliant teacher. He was extra ordinary in math. He taught me math with all the tricks used to solve the same. Each problem was to take less than a minute. And it did happen at the end that I could solve some problems in math in less than a minute. It was amazing. Without him I would never have cracked SAT so easily.

The best thing about FACT is that, all of the staff is so friendly and helping that you never feel uncomfortable talking to them.

I have no words to thank AVINASH Sir for all the trouble he took through this procedure. I took admission in FACT Borivali but I used to go to Thane, each day. He is a brilliant man. He is a man who can handle loads of work at the same time. He is a very funny person. If he talks to you in a high pitch, you better understand that it is for your good and you have done a mistake.

If you have taken admission in FACT, you need not worry about going to the US and about a good school. All you need to do is complete all the paperwork told by them and sit and study for the exams and get a good grade. All the rest will be taken care of and I am pretty sure it is!

FACT- Forget About bad Colleges Totally. So stop thinking about getting a bad college in US and just study !

THANKS TO ALL the faculty of FACT. I will recommend it to anyone and everyone who asks me how I got to US……






“FACT My Ticket to the US” 

Before joining FACT I was completely unaware about the educational opportunities that existed in the US.  
However after enrolling here, new windows were opened for me.
FACT helped a lot in my preparation, and this was not only limited to the field of academics.
They were of great service while short listing colleges and even while preparing for the Visa Interview. The entire college application process was a breeze just because of their guidance and timely help.
 The excellent staff including the likes of Ashwini, Nandini Ma’am and Ajay Sir made the entire process enjoyable and I would like to thank them whole heartedly. 
I personally feel that FACT is one organization that I would recommend to all students aspiring to study in the US.






I look forward to your class
When I come to FACT.
You're an awesome teacher;
I think you're very cool.
You're smart and fair and friendly;
You're helping all of us.
And if I got to grade you,
From me you'd get A+!

 I'm happy that you're my teacher;
.As my role model you inspire me
To dream and to work and to reach.
With your kindness you get my attention;
Every week on Saturday you are planting a seed
Of curiosity and motivation
To know and to grow and succeed.
You help me fulfill my potential;
I'm thankful for all that you've done.
I admire you each day, and I just want to say,
As a teacher, you're number one!

When I began FACT class I think I knew
The kind of challenges you'd make me face.
You gave me motivation to pursue
The best, and to reject the commonplace.
Your thinking really opened up my mind.
With wisdom, style and grace, you made me see,
That what I'd choose to seek, I'd surely find;
You shook me out of my complacency.
I thank you now for everything you've done;
What you have taught me I will not outgrow.
Your kind attention touched my mind and heart;
In many ways that you will never know.
I will remember you my whole life through;
I wish that all my teachers in Texas will be like you.





I am a physiotherapy student who had enrolled in FACT last year. My experience with the faculty is worth sharing and hence I am penning down this testimonial. The faculty at FACT is very helpful and co operative. The application to US universities can be a very tedious process but it was made simple and easier for me by the faculty at FACT.Right from the short listing of the universities to visa procedure they have never hesitated in extending their help to the students at any hour of the day. Avinash sir has been very helpful and patient  guiding me through the entire procedure.Be it choosing a university, or sending an application file or arranging the visa documents or the visa mock interviews, he has guided me  for every small little doubt I had. Its because of him that I have found a friend(ex FACT student) in my campus whos been immense helpful in helping me settle in a new city and a new country. Raghvan Sir & Katre Mam have also been sweet & kind to help me out. The visa session which was arranged at Dadar was very conducive in preparing for the documents well before time. The over all experience at FACT was amazing and I take with me lot of things that I learnt from the faculty members  which will help even in future as I step in a new phase of my life . I would like to thank the entire staff of the FACT to make my journey from the application  process to the visa interview so simple & truly cherishable.






F.A.C.T....hmm would never have been a part of it if it had not been
for me reading the educational times that Tuesday!
At that time I had given MHT and ASSO. CETS and the one thing I kept telling my mom was," Atleast I could do my internship abroad" because my professors and known doctors gave all knowledge & tempted me about medical studies abroad but said nothing about "HOW". What I wanted to know was what kind of entrance exams, which country, which university and a class that could guide me through the entire process.
Surprisingly true that ad on ET by F.A.C.T about seminar claimed that F.A.C.T has all answers. So I immediately decided to check it out with my mom( It was a free seminar so nothing to loose!)
I still vividly remember that seminar! Against all odds a person
showing you the US pathway that too with scholarship....would you
believe? Not me. But when someone delivers each & every word with such confidence and with evidence you tend to believe! And the person I am talking is none other than Sunil Sir! Then after all discussions and following Sunil Sir's advise got enrolled in F.A.C.T for BS in pre-medicine & got started with Shraddha Di( my trainer). My mom puts it right! “Day or night.. Even for the slightest doubt without any second thought…I would pick up my cell & call her” Anyone would get annoyed…but she answered each query with that same smile! that’s Shrtaddha Di! I even remember the frantic calls I have made to Sunil Sir & short notice appointments. But he was always there to sooth my nerves & also scold me! Avinash sir helped my confused mind decide the right university and Katre Madam and Ragvan Sir guided me well through the VISA process preventing me from falling for any possible glitch!
The end result I have 6 admits in hand, 4 with scholarship! Now I am
headed to Mississippi State University for BS in Pre-medicine & all
this with no financial burden on my family! All thanks to the entire
team of F.A.C.T!!!






My experience at fact has been one of a kind, right from the beginning be it the teaching faculty or the counsellors all of them have played an exceptional role in my journey to the US. The teaching faculty sticks by you right to the end be it verbal or quant one on one sessions with the students instill the kind of confidence which is a must on the day of your examination on the other hand the counsellors your first level of communication at fact but not the last have been a constant force of hope and the will to be better than the best. Students at fact are not just customers, they are family...and i am proud to be a part of this family.






I joined FACT amidst the hustle of my engineering admissions in Mumbai.  I was devastated knowing I couldn’t secure an admission here, was going through a really rough patch. I learned that studying in the US was an option I could take. Sunil Sir instilled the faith in me that I would surely, no matter what, get an US university admit. Yet, US seemed like a distant dream.

FACT guided me through the thick and thin of the whole process starting from the SAT and TOEFL preparations, through the filling up of university forms, sending them, deciding upon one (phew!) and also the visa process (jitters).  It’s only because of Shraddha Madam and the training she gave me that I scored high on my tests, leading to my admit into good university, for Aerospace Engineering in the honours program. In fact I received good admits that I applied to under Avinash Sir’s guidance.

Katre Madam, Kiran Madam, and everyone else at FACT have always been lending a helpful hand. It’s like a small family. All my little, unnecessary worries were taken care of. I never felt the hesitation to ask the silliest of questions and they never declined to answer. I hope to continue receiving supervision for the way that lies ahead.

I don’t have enough words to explain the magnitude of gratitude I feel towards FACT.






FACT..its a organization which stands for its name…no exaggerations..no underestimation...A year before  a seminar by  Mr. Sunil shah  helped me  decide the way I would shape my career. Not knowing a thing about how to go abt it, Savita mam and Avinash sir literally had 2 hold my fingers and walk me through each and every step of it. Professionals with a perfect personal touch, never felt like I was talking to my counselors. they were more of friends to me. Always there to guide me, however stupid the problem maybe…they r the reason I’m going 2 be on a airplane to US this august..I could use all the adjectives I learnt for my GRE and still it won’t do ne justice to their knowledge and capabilities..Hats off guys..thnks a ton..






I had joined FACT for MS and visa counselling for FALL 2010. Right on day 1, when for the first time I saw Mr Avinash Veer, I thought that would he properly direct me in applying to US univs???? Then from day 1, he started with his work for making my dreams come true. Mr.Avinash Veer is a very versatile person with friendly nature. His way of talking is just like a college guy. But i must say that he has tremendous experience about his work. He made me apply in 11 univs. Out of 11, I got 5 admits. One with 20% waiver and other with instate tuition + GA. Services provided in FACT are more than sufficient. keeping in mind the academic background of student, very well SOPS and recommendation letters are wirtten by faculties. Katre Mam is one of the premier faculty in FACT. Sunil Sir, Katre Mam and Avinash Sir are the pillars of FACT. I was rejected for VISA for first time. Reason behind this was that I took it lightly and dint attend mock interviews. Then Katre Mam and Avinash Sir cherished me and made me capable of achieving VISA and I did it. Thanks to FACT and all faculties for enabling me to achieve my dream. 

FACT rocks!!!!! 






A highly impressive presentation by Mr.Sunil Shah & I landed up at FACT.Even though I was already through with my GRE,my father who was greatly influenced by the communicaton skills of Mr. Shah insisted that I should associate myself with FACT.Then TOEFL followed under the guidance of Mr.Amar Singh. I fared very well. Had I been with them while preparing for GRE,my result would have been much better.Anyways, not to cry over spilled milk.Next, interactions with Avinash Sir, Katre Madam, Raghavan Sir & I landed with admits at four Universities.Documentation process seemed so simple due to their experience & knowledge. Beleive me, the entire staff was like a comforter at times when my mother panicked.All her anxieties vanished the moment she would ask Amita to fix up an appointment with Katare Madam.

In short, this team at FACT deserves salutations. Thank you FACT.

Looking forward to your guidance & co-operation even after we land at USA.






FACT " Fantastic Adminisrtation & (very)Cooparative Team "
thats wat i can say about u..
you have changed my life.. 1 year before i never thought of MS or giving GRE n all,
I started very late, n within six months u made it possible.. started in december, within 6 mtnhs I appeared  GRE, i got admits, now visa is in ma hand,n m flying in aug for fall '10... this all bcoz of u Avinash sir , Kiran mam, Khatre mam n Raghvan sir...I love u all!! thank you very much u have changed my life's canvas completely!!!!
In every step, u boosted my confidence, helped me a lot.. 1st kiran mam gave me support n confidence dat i can give GRE with 1 mnth's preparation, Raghavan Sir guided me in quant, Beena mam guided me in words of GRE & in TOEFL preparn, Raghavan Sir is best in online form filling, n  wat say abt avinash sir, he is great, SOP, LORs, university selection he knows everything, most of d times even we dont wan 2 ask whole quesn, he promptly rplies wid perfect solution... Last but not d least pre departure orientation, it was very informative n impressive , at that time i heard Sunil Sir first time, he gave us d basic fundas of living dere which r never xpected!! fabulous team!! njoyed a lot!!!

" Friendship Affection Courtsey n Time perfect" FACT Rocks!!!

 1ce again Thank you vey much!!!!!!! Love u ALL!!






Searching for a right university which matches your requirement can be an overwhelming and often daunting task. However Avinash sir made it very easy for me. What I found most pleasing was his professional approach toward his work. He helped me in every step, right from selecting the right universities, assembling the documents to the visa interview preparation. I would recommend others to join FACT and take the experience help of Avinash sir.






Counseling with FACT has been a good experience. I had started my counseling very late. Still I could manage with a fairly good admit from a renowned university. This is not possible only with good documentation backed with good academic record. I was helped majorly by Avinash sir who is available surprisingly 24* 7 at thane. It might be difficult to find such a dedicated employee in some other offices always available to his students. The SOP prepared by him was excellent in a fairly short time. Also he was a great help in the drafting of recommendations and short listing the universities. Katre Madam and Raghavan sir were immensely helpful during my VISA counseling.






I don't know where to begin from...FACT has guided me all along through GRE/TOEFL preparation to University selection till my Visa approval.

One meeting with Sunil Sir and you know you'll reach USA sooner than you expect!

Though ALWAYS busy, Avinash Sir definitely takes time to help you with your SOPs / Reco letters and Online application. He understands his students individually and knows what's best for each one of them. He knows A to Z of the application procedure and would ensure that your application process is completed well in time. 

I owe a BIG part of my Visa approval to Katre Ma'am who patiently helped me prepare for my interview, took endless mocks and was my biggest support system throughout the procedure..even before just catching her flight to Europe!
Here, I should definitely mention about Raghavan Sir who even knows how many spaces and characters are to be filled in the Visa application to complete it in one go within the allotted time!

I had a whale of time with the friendly faculty at Vashi ~ Savita, Kavita and Sonali....more of my buddies than teachers (!!!)

Overall, my journey with FACT was awesome, wonderful and it will remain etched as a beautiful part of my life!!

Thank you FACT team!






FACT is an excellent organization which offer Quality Advice on Quality Higher Education. I joined FACT & Mr. Avinash was looking after my case. He helped me a lot in application procedures, visas, scholarships and many other topics n becoz of his guidance I am studying in US.

A very gud person who treats all his students like friend n always smiling. If u hv any doubt u can call him 24x7 and he is more than happy to help u out. I will recommend his name to all students who seek my advice on Education Counseling.

Thanks to FACT and MR. AVINASH,

Avinash, u have made my life man, I can just recall one sentence frm a so called grtest consultant of Pune,"You can enter in USA on this GRE score if George Bush or Bil Gates will recommend you." and I met George Bush n Bil Gates in india itself.hahaha

Ek us ka chakkar maro man, ur students must be dying to see u here,

bbyye, take care,


Prashant T




FACT: Probably is the Best thing happened to my life….

As I am not from Mumbai…It is not just counseling and training class for me…

It is like family for me in Mumbai from last two and half year.…

Avinash Sir, the Perfect counselor, Big brother, and one of the best friend…

I was not satisfied with my research for Doctorate study in India….

He not only suggested me US Universities to satisfy my thirst for Biochemistry, but was also with me in my ups and downs in life at Mumbai….

Katre Madam, Raghwan Sir, Kiran Madam and Beena madam were always there like family members to guide me in my progress of GRE, TOEFL, Application Process and Visa Counseling …..

Now I am in USA, doing my doctorate in Biochemistry…

The Best thing is that, all they are still in contact with me.. and asking me about my  well-being… 






Well FACT was not just a counseling place for me but it has been my first place where I worked for 6 months........that’s why I can say it is best at what it is......

Without FACT 's guidance it was not possible for me to be at a place where I am right now, they always back me with my desires and help me to achieve my endeavors
FACT is a home to me with a big daddy like Sunil Shah and a brother like Avinash....( I have been closely associated with Sunil sir and Avinash sir they are completely rocking and happening) they have solutions to all problems and a good network of helping people throughout US this is the biggest strength they have.....

we just pay them for the pre departure stuff but what’s more important is the post departure help which they provide very easily with just a single e-mail.......Thank you guys for all that you have done........






Facts of FACT:
1) Best consultancy and classes without any doubt.
2) Way too ahead of others in the race.
3) I bet you wont find better consultants than Avinash sir and Sunil Shah sir. These two are the pillars of FACT along-with Katre mam and Kiran mam (They all are always there for you, be it anytime and don't forget,  this bond is for a lifetime!)
4) The teaching faculty i.e. Raghavan sir (Quant) and Beena mam (Verbal) will help you wonders with your preparations! (Especially GRE and TOEFL)

About me :
1) Average GRE and TOEFL score but got admit to an appealing institute!
2) I would like to make a special mention of Avinash sir who helped me select very good universities which resulted in a handsome number of replies. (Wish I had his brain)
3) The bottom-line is, these people have made my LIFE!
4) I would indeed, ver
y strongly recommend FACT for US aspirants..
5) Thank you FACT!






F.A.C.T. an abbreviation of something big....They are the pioneers of U.s education. A mixture of personal and professionalism always yields high profits and their excellence in the same is above par.. They molded an average Indian student into a U.s scholar so ingeniously that I was awestruck at my own progress... Shrewd advice by Ajay sir, assistance and attention when needed by Nandini ma'am and the whole patronage offered by the whole institution helped me find my niche. Walk in anytime and you will be attended is the type of service they offer... what more can one ask ? Let it be any question, any query, any problem it will be met. Confidence and patience is something you should inherit... I asked right from the difficulties in my SAT and TOEFL to living in the U.S and to the country's beautiful blondes and mind you I was assisted in all... they are friends in company and friends for a lifetime.. They have pretty soon become a part of my family make them yours too.. Best in the market for education abroad they are the masters of solving your skepticism... Life completely changes once you enroll here and start visiting the office, there is some positive aroma in there, you feel you are already flying I felt it the same last year and Now I am...  The people working for FACT are an asset to the institution, they have competent skills in teaching, my score increased double-fold in a week's time only because I opted to work with them the whole day and they gave me their qualitative time.. 

Lastly, I would like to say no words in the English diction serves purpose in what they are ....you have to experience the cliche yourself....!!! I bow my head in gratitude for the whole institution who gave a new direction to my being....So Go ahead and Experience it yourself and if you aren't then you are missing a whole different world...! 






Its almost 1 am, am back from office and predeparture shopping. i don't think i could lose a moment to write down a few lines about the team that made my dream and my parents wishes possible..not just the team,the entire process before you say BYE

1. Mr. Avinash Veer is to the point, efficient and will not tell you something you cannot do.
2. Other in the office are strictly sweet. They need to be that or thats simply evolution.
3. Gmail Rocks! No Doubt Unsolved!
4. There is a purpose in the Statement of Purpose..its not a statement of Past.
5 .You should be able to afford the schools rigour.
6. Choose schools and courses.. not happening cities
7. FACT is fact, its us who will be studying and slogging our as***, so be ready for that.
8. Trust your instinct but gauge your ability. Apply wisely.

Thank you avveer (ping!), Mr. Shah, Kiran and Raghavan sir!






हजारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसी के हर ख्वाहिशपे दम निकलें.....

So true in my case, but the only difference is that it’s not just me who has sweated for getting this admission in MBA course at Wake Forest University. Almost all the FACT group has put in equal efforts to make this dream a reality.

It all started exactly a year back when I met Sunil Sir, who was very excited about working on my applications. As most of us must have realized, his optimism and unwavering faith are very very contagious. As my application process cycle went on, it was these two qualities which played big role. Apart from guiding me around the usual Admission process, Sunil Sir primed my mind for the future challenges for MBAs. In one such incidence, my PC broke down 3-4 days before the deadline, Sunil Sir, personally made sure that it does no harm to my application, by borrowing me his own brand new Netbook. I wonder how many counselors will do that.

Unlike other places, VISA counseling with FACT or rather Avinash Sir was real fun. While going for VISA, I was so well prepared that I hardly had any worries about not getting it. And in Avinash Sir, I now have an excellent guide who helps students in more ways than one can imagine, and trust me when I state this. It’s important to mention the notable contributions from Shraddha & Payal during various stages of the application.






From the first click on the application form, I have been counting on the entire FACT team for the whole admission process of MS in US. I can't thank enough to Avinash sir who was there for me at every step and making everything so easy. I can only imagine myself studying in one of the reputed universities of US without him. My sincere thanks to every member of FACT for their great work which is helping thousands of students like me to achieve their dream.






There are many abroad education consultancies but you will not find experienced professionals in all those consultancies. FACT is a renowned consultancy with branches all over Maharashtra. I heard about FACT from one of my friend who is also studying in USA. She suggested me to join FACT as she got better quality service from them. I joined FACT just for admission and visa process but they also allowed me to take few GRE & TOEFL classes and use their books and notes which were very much helpful for me. The staff in FACT (Thane branch) is really cooperative. Specially, Avinash sir, he really helped me a lot. He was not just a sir but also a friend because of which I was able to discuss each and every problem with him. If you guys are planning for further studies abroad then at least visit FACT once and I am sure you will praise me and my review.






My experiences with FACT had been really fruitful. They were phenomenal in preparing me for entrance exams (GRE and TOEFL),pre-admission and post-admission process. Every thing was so systematic and my admission in one of the best MIS University is surely an evidence of that. I am completely satisfied the time and effort which FACT team (especially Katre Mam and Avinash Sir) took during my application process. I would like to thank entire team of FACT for their effective and result oriented guidance.






Students desire to join a professional class for Foreign Education is given by FACT . They motivated and showed positive direction towards my future. A professional and friendly attitude by the faculty members with students really helps to be comfortable. I would recommend students going for foreign education to join FACT for a tireless application and visa process. Faculty members give personal attention to each and every student not only till his/her admission is done in foreign university but also keeps track of students during their study abroad. A confused mind in deciding for foreign university may have a negative effect on your future but professionals like FACT taking a right decision in choosing the best university for you like they had chosen for me will really help  you to be successful in life.






"Where there is will,there is way"..This is what FACT is all about.. I had a dream to study in USA and FACT helped me fullfill my dreams and showed me the right way to reach my destination.. The name itself says it all Foreign Academy Consultancy Training..Once i attended a seminar conducted by FACT and i was in love with FACT from that day..FACT is a very good institution and if we follow them we will land in USA with ease.. The President of FACT Sunil Sir is the one who takes all the efforts and hardwork just for students..I have never seen such a gentle and smart human in my life.. Apart from Sunil Sir the other faculty staffs of FACT is excellent.. Avinash Sir is the one person in FACT to whom i thank from bottom of my heart.. All my journey from India to USA here in Mississippi is possible just because of this one man Avinash Sir.. The efforts and pains taken by Avinash Sir are memorable ones for me.. Right from the first day Avinash Sir guided me to the right track from choosing university till booking of my tickets.. Other faculty staff of FACT is also helpfull Katre madam,Kiran madam,Bina madam  and haan forgot Raghvan Sir..I am thankfull to Raghvan Sir for helping me in taking SAT,TOEFL dates and even when applying for universities,even in Visa applications..I think even words are less to say about FACT...I dont know how to thank FACT for helping me.. I highly appreciate efforts and hardwork of FACT in making students reach their destination.. I would suggest my friends to join FACT and after few months one day you will be in USA wondering how quickly you reached USA.. I feel so that students after reaching USA tend to forget about FACT.. But i am not the one of those..So i thought of sending this short message..
Its all because of you FACT..
THANKS FACT.. Jai Hind!!!!! Jai Maharashtra!!!!






“F.A.C.T. a perfect blend of experienced and dynamic guidance.”

I would like to start my wonderful experience with FACT by introducing myself and my position before joining the academy. I was a 2009 graduate in Mechanical Engineering with 'not-so-good' academics, and also I had attempted GRE once before under the guidance of 'so-called' best classes for foreign studies in Thane. But that training went in vain as the approach for teaching and guidance there was not according to the current position of that student or his requirements, whereas after coming to FACT i was allotted a personal counselor for my further procedure throughout who was none other than Avinash Sir.

He really guided me well according to my profile and also asked the Mathematics maestro Raghvan sir to look after me as I was again taking GRE for a better score. They showed me a perfect path where I found my confidence back and finally I had a decent GRE score. Avinash Sir didn’t allow time to hamper my career decisions as I was a bit late for Spring 2010, he managed my studies, applications and deadlines really well. Also in this less time, Beena mam helped me a lot through my TOEFL preparation which resulted in a 100/120 score. Inspite of my average acads I got admit from 8 out of 9 univs I applied and mind you half of them were really some good names.

And here I land up in a reputed A grade university in the heart of Silicon Valley. Thanks to the whole faculty of FACT who provided a cooperative working atmosphere to all students and the guidance of Avinash Sir who boosted the confidence in me with ease.






Avinash sir, Firstly I want to thanx FACT for their kind support and co-opration. After givingn GRE I had left hope of applying for any US universities and I was in search of German Uni. But sir U have boosted me to take this bold step and u was always with me during my tat tough journey. I hope we will maintain same relations in future as I feel "Dosti ko duriya bat nahi sakati"

 I have used word dosti B'caz U r friend of mine dan a teacher.

and at last .........FACT rocks.....






I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to FACT (Thane)and it’s entire team for your very active participation in giving me information and advice to secure my seat for future aviation in USA for the course MS-MIS. FACT has provide complete guidance service for all issues relating to studies abroad, it’s course plan , the required documentation & most importantly VISA interview guidance .
I would like to give my special thanks to Avinash Sir for enthusiastic participation in my career guidance. I have no doubt that it would not have been the success that it is without your presence. I especially appreciated you for offered contacts you shared with me. Your assistance has been invaluable during this process.
Please accept my sincerest appreciation for the fine job FACT has done which will help me reaching the milestone in my career.






Avinash Sir and the entire team of Fact had been of great help throughout the Admission and visa process. The teaching Faculty especially Beena Mam and Raghvan Sir were very supportive and of great help throughout the GRE and the Toefl preparation.

I owe a great deal to Avinash Sir who has been my mentor throughout the Application and Visa procedure. He is a genius when it comes to University selection, I got admits from some of the best universities inspite of having poor Academics. Never quite figured out his algorithm of university selection.

Hmm.. Other than that the Ambiance of the place, and the format of teaching is very appealing and very less draining, makes u sit for longer hours in the class.

Overall It was a great experience studying from Fact, I would strongly recommend FACT to anybody who plans to study abroad. All the Best.






Dear   F A C T, 

Your   Spirited   Guidance   Has   Given   Me   Great   Support   To...

F       fly   and   focus

A       aim   and   accept

C       challenges   and   meet    my

T       Target

Thanks   F A C T   Team   For   Strengthening    My   Wings   and   Help  me   Fly   Higher   To   Chase   My Dreams.






Avinash sir is the person who made it possible for me to get the admission in an US university. I gave my GRE very late so I was not sure about my chances of getting admission for fall. But then I went to FACT. Avinash Sir explained me the whole thing and assured me that still there was a possibility of getting into good university. Even after sending applications I was not sure whether I will get a admit. But to my surprise I received admits from good universities including University of Pennsylvania. The visa guidance was also superb and to the point. There are so many myths that float among students preparing for visa interview. FACT helped me to separate myths from facts!!! Beyond that he gave me many useful tips and information that you can expect only from a real friend.
For all those who are in a dilemma about US education, the best remedy is a cup of Chai with Avinash sir! Do your hardwork, trust the god and leave the rest to Avinash sir.






Avinash Sirjee, You know I call many people sir but a very few Sirjee to whom I really respect whole-heartedly and you are one of them because you are really a gem kind of person.

First of all a biggggggg Thanxxxxxxxxxxxx 4 everything u did to me, when I say everything then it does not include just Admission & Visa counseling but many other things apart from your job.

You were always available to help me and sort out all my problems. I know I asked very silly doubts many a times but still you did not ignore them and cleared it all, and this is the way you treat all your students which makes you special and different than others.

I was really lucky to have you as my counselor in FACT. I just cant believe that am in USA doing MS Computer Science not being an engineer from India. Yes, you were the only person who made me believe that even BSc students can go to USA for MS. I was always worried about my decision of leaving VJTI and coming here as if I don't get admits then I will be standing no where but I still remember your dialogue that you always said me to relax me "rahul tension mat le re tu us jayega aur VJTI se achi jagah jayega bas ab tera visa hone ke baad apan party karenge". At that time I used to always think that why are you so confident about this and now I realized that it was coz u knew that ur gr8 SOP and Recos are going to do wonders, which is exactly what happened with me.

I never even dreamt of this dream that I will get an opportunity of studying here, which you made real for me and moreover got a 100 % scholarship above that just because of your SOP & recos.

Sending an ordinary student from an ordinary place Nasik to USA with scholarship is really a gr8 job that you did, that I will really cherish all my life.

Me my family and all my frenz are now added to your fans list, coz u r t only person who could and who made this true for all of us.

Am well settled and more than happy here, and everything you suggested, guided and advised me are coming true here even.

You are the best counselor I have ever met. God bless you always which indirectly will bless and make life of many students who gets you as their counselor.

I will always highly recommend your name for any kind of education counseling.

I am sure of one more thing that you are the richest person in USA, coz no one else would be having so many houses here as you have. All your students would be dying to see you in usa and would always love to stay with you. So you have the most number of houses here sirjee do plan to come once. But it should be a long tour coz u will have to go to many places including my place first ok.

Thanks sirjee, Thanks FACT for everything.

Missing you and your invaluable guidance, Support & advises.

Hope to see you soon.






It has been a very good experience with the FACT, as I am an Architecture student and we are very less in numbers as compared to the engineers, I was very much worried and really had no idea how to go about the whole admission/application and university selection. I got enrolled in FACT in August 2009, as time progressed all the crucial steps of my admission application, university selection went very smoothly. Avinash sir judged my GRE scores pretty nicely and gave me a list of universities which had programs which met all my demands/offered the courses in the area of my interest. As a result thanks to the FACT I was able to good admits.

FACT staff/partners/counselors are very helpful, special thanks to Mr. Avinash Veer, for the support and pushing me to meet the deadlines! And I am sure many of the students at FACT share the same experience. A sincere thanks to Raghavan sir for helping me out with the form filling and general guidance regarding the VISA process. To conclude if you wish to get a good and genuine guidance with your education abroad, FACT gives you much more than what you would expect! Cheers to FACT!






From the very time I joined FACT a year ago, you helped me get through the process untiringly. From practicing for the TOEFL to sending in the application to getting ready for the VISA interview, Avinash Sir, you have been with me and among other things; your efforts were also subjective to me getting admission here at Purdue University.






" It was definitely an advantage joining FACT. I got my documentation complete on time because of  the prompt action taken by Avinash sir and FACT team. Due to this  I was able  to get a admit with 70% scholarship in the desired university.

Avinash sir’s efforts and guidance has fetched me an admit with scholarship. He was instrumental in selecting universities, in preparation of application, recommendations & essays. It was a wonderful experience.

I remember calling him at least 15 times daily for silly queries, but Avinash sir was helpful each and every time. The visa counseling done by Avinash sir was tremendous.  The 15 mock visa interview sessions done with him really helped me to crack the visa interview.

Avinash sir has been a blessing in disguise for me and I wish him all the best for the future. Thanks  for making my dream come true."

Thank u sir...






My counseling was done by Avinash Sir. He guided me in University Selection, application paperwork and VISA counseling.  His research about Universities is very extensive and hence I trusted his judgement  completely while applying to universities.  The paper-work required for application is always big headache for every student. But, Avinash Sir helped me a lot in my applications. He wrote precise and good SOP for me. He was always available to listen any problems I faced for my paper-works and always gave good suggestion to solve that problem. 

Avinash Sir also helped me in preparing for my VISA interview. He used to study each student’s case and then he would tell the student what questions he can expect in the Interview. He almost took my 7-8 mock interviews which helped me a lot preparing for the Interview.

Last but not the least, Sunil Sir motivated me a lot .He was the one who convinced me to go for abroad studies. He was ready to listen to any problems and always guided me correctly.

I thank and appreciate Avinash Sir and Sunil Sir for their great guidance. It was wonderful experience being in the FACT.






I am Dinesh Shivlal Jain. I am placed in a top institution only because of FACT. This is because my GRE score is 1080 which is average. But due to my academic performance and guidance provided by Ajay sir and the entire team of FACT, I was able to obtain admission in one of the top 12th university. Also because of the project work in last year of engineering and impressive SOP provided by FACT, I was awarded by a scholarship of $5,000. It is due to the time given by Ajay Sir in deciding the university according the academic background, GRE score, project work and financial position was I able to get top university and clear VISA interview easily.






I had heard a lot about Avinash sir from my brother, who was sir’s student. When I decided to do my studies abroad my brother suggested do the counseling in FACT under him. I am glad that I took his suggestion. Avinash sir was always there for me whenever I needed help, be it GRE or TOEFL. He always had time for everyone and everything. He is a great motivator for my visa interview. He is more of a friend than a sir. The time I spent in FACT is very memorable.






Right from deciding the universities, preparing  the SOPs, Recos, Resumes, preparing  the  application  packets and dispatching  them, financial preparation for the  visa, mocks  for  the  visa,  FACT is  the  best.

I would like to thank the whole team of  FACT for making all this so  easy, simple  and  systematic.

I am specially grateful to Ajay Sir for giving me valuable guidance  during my admission and visa processing.

I would also like to thank Avinash Sir for helping me to  shortlist  my  universities.

FACT  has  helped  me  in  making  my  career.
Thank you FACT for everything.






Hi I am Prathamesh Deshpande. I liked FACT very much for handling and finally deporting such cynical like I am. FACT teaching, counseling, visa preparation and staff are excellent. I would like to bold and underline staff for their helpfulness, giving good guidance, calm and composure nature. I feel FACT as my home only because of FACT staff. I very very much thankful to Katre mam, Ajay sir, Nandini Ashwini and Navpreet mam, Vishal and Jatin sir.

Thanking You All.






My relationship with the entire FACT team was that of a mentor-protégé. Unlike the usual counsellor-student relationship, what I experienced was an organized guidance with a touch of friendliness. Like every other engineering student I was in a total dilemma about my career after completing my bachelors. I really wanted to pursue masters studies but I was unable to make a move as there were many options suiting my interests and I had to make the right choice. It is at this crucial moment that I approached the FACT team to find a cure to my indecisiveness. I developed a strong relationship with the entire team especially with my mentor Avinash sir. He offered excellent advice on all situations ranging from academic, financial as well as personal that we discussed. Even when I didn't think I really needed any guidance and we were just discussing current events, he offered insight and suggestions that were invaluable. And today when I am admitted to one of the best graduate colleges in USA, I have no regrets to say that the experience was overwhelmingly rewarding.

Cheers to the entire FACT team.  


Rahul L




I'm a proud student and an output of FACT. I completed my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. As my interest was towards Automobiles, I confirmed it as my major for the Bachelor's. As I was enrolling myself into the CAP round, I came to know that, I have only four colleges all throughout Maharashtra for Automobiles. So it was almost impossible to get into the college in Mumbai (Saboo Siddik) because, Diploma students do not have much seats available as they go to the second year. At that moment of time, I thought I would be screwed up and finally get into a low graded college. Then Sunil sir came into my way. He is my Dad's good friend. He said, "If you do not get to study Automobile in India what's the problem, go and study it from USA". At that time, I was like out of the world. He introduced me to Mr. Avinash. He's a great guy. He had helped me a lot. He is a person who may scold you or make a fun of you, but he really wants you to achieve your goals. He had literally toiled a lot to find me a good recognized university in USA.

Beena madam and Raghavan sir are too good in their fields. I can’t explain how good Raghavan sir is; he is very sharp at all kinds of calculations. Kiran madam and Katre madam are also too good. The people working under FACT are not like robots, which respond only to your questions. They are people with magic hands and words that have changed and are changing and will continue to change their students’ fate or future. They work as a team not just for money. They work for changing someone’s world. I had pretty serious problems with my VISA work. And many such incidences. Avinash sir knows it very well. He used to tease me a lot on these things. But it taught me to be Proactive. My message to all newcomers to FACT is to use your resources as well as possible and enlighten your future. You all would surely have a bright future.






For people who don't know him well think he is:

A ----> Arrogant
V ----> Vocal
I ----> Irresponsible
N ----> Nihilistic
A ----> Amoral
S ----> Self-centered
H ----> Hardheaded

But those who actually know him refer him as:

A ----> Articulate
V ----> Vivacious
I ----> Intelligent
N ----> Nutty
A ----> Accomplished
S ----> Special
H ----> Humorous

In all a good counselor but a much better friend!






When I enrolled at FACT I had numerous doubts about “Studying Abroad”, starting from whether it is a good idea to pursue education away from my home country and what I should do to VISA Interview, (the most dreadful event in every Prospective International student’s life. Kiran Madam’s induction on the course simplified my doubts to great extent.

One of the best things about FACT is the style of coaching. We never followed the traditional classroom pattern as it was more of an interactive session. Raghavan Sir and Beena Madam were always ready to help me with any of my queries for Quant and Verbal. Their experience and dedication for students is overwhelming.  Expertise of the faculty made helped me a lot in studying the trickiest problems of quant and the highly exhaustive word list. There were other faculty members of FACT Chetan and Sonali who shared their knowledge with us. They made me study even during weekends!!! Another best feature of FACT is the e-learning on the website run by the IT team of FACT. It gives students the confidence to face the standardize tests and a very essential factor to excel in GRE and TOEFL.

After GRE comes the University selection process. Avinash Sir’s expertize in this matter helped a lot. He makes appropriate analysis of a student’s scores, academics and course selection (in my case: Pharmacy administration) which made sure that I received admits from good universities. The entire application process was made easy by the FACT team. Avinash Sir and Raghavan Sir helped extensively during Visa Process. The numerous mock interviews taken by Avinash Sir gave me confidence to face the Visa officer.

All in all entire FACT team has highly dedicated members and helped me in many ways than I can describe in this testimonial. I thank you all for your support.






Writing a testimonial for FACT is difficult, not because what to write ..?.. but what all to write..... Because my experience is vast in FACT from cup of Tea to Dessert in other words from tutoring to Visa....

Almost more than a year I have been and from the Office Assistant - Mr. Pravin to Chairperson - Mr. Sunil Shah ---- All are so caring and friendly.

They converted my dream in reality and i would really like to thanks Mr. Avinash Sir, he always guided me in all my procedures from test date to final bag packing to US. It's all because of FACT team many of students are here in US fulfilling there dreams. I have some wonderful memories with Avinash sir while having admission and visa counseling process.

I would also like to thank Kiran Mam because of her convincing statement made me to enroll in FACT.

Thanks to Bina Mam, Raghvan Sir, and all staff members for helping me for making my dream possible.....






Hi, I am having a great time in university of Colorado. This couldn’t have been possible without the guidance and help of all of the members of FACT who guided me entirely in my path of going to one of the very good colleges of the US in such a smooth way. And special thanks to Shraddha mam from Borivali branch and also a special mention to Sunil Sir for bearing me for a long time. I will Always remember all the moments we had together and thanks a ton again to be my guide and mentor.







My association with the FACT Thane began in 2009. Right from the onset, Avinash sir has been really instrumental in guiding me through the right path until I landed in the US. The visa interview sessions, the application packet preparation and the university selection process were all very smooth. The visa interview sessions with Katre mam were really helpful. I still give my friends and juniors the same set of answers that Katre mam had given me for the visa questions, and I don’t think any of them has ever been denied the visa. Kiran mam was very helpful by making sure that my application packet was complete. Apart from that I think Tulsa Patil mam, Amit sir and Benazir mam were of great help and were very instrumental in the GRE and TOEFL coaching. It’s great to be a part of the FACT family. This institute is surely raising the bar and i am almost certain that the quality of coaching and guidance I received from FACT would not have been possible elsewhere. 

Thanks a lot.






I'm not really sure how or where to begin because I'm not sure I could do them credit. But rest assured, joining FACT was one of the best decisions I have made. The faculty was amazing and helped me out at every step of the way. A special thanks to Sunil and Avinash Sirs, I could call them even the middle of the night for advice and they would oblige. Also, not to forget Katre Ma'am and Raghvan Sir who guided me during a large part of my application and Visa process.
As a result of all their hard work, I got admission and scholarships from every university I applied to.

Thanks a lot FACT.






Indeed it was lengthy, rough and quite challenging journey until I get F1 visa. Basically I belong to middle class family; I think Lower middle class suits better. In spite of getting Visa, I was not sure whether I would be able to fly to US, because my Loan got sanctioned at around 6 pm i.e the day before my flight was scheduled.

My FACT journey begins with Katre Mam (Mam I'm the one who got your reference from your Friend Kolpe - Ratnagiri). Thanks to all Fact staff who helped me through out this successful journey specifically to Bina, Kiran, Shraddha and Raghvan sir, sorry if I have miss anyone. As I am BSc student with 4 yrs work ex, few consultancies confirmed that to pursue admission for Masters in US I should have 16 yrs education. But FACT proved this wrong and helped me to get two I-20 out of four applications and the Man behind this result is none other than Avinash Sir. He is tough but awesome and has played important role through out this journey, in fact in my life as well. He guided me in the right manner and shown me the exact way. I was doing night shift job and I used to get only 4hrs to prepare my GRE stuff. And at same time my Quant was very weak in fact Verbal as well so due to low score at first attempt,  I appeared  twice for  GRE and TOEFL as per Avinash suggestion. And I made through. He is really tough but very genuine, realistic and result oriented man. I am very happy with his  guidance .

Once again thanks to Fact and Hats off to Avinash Sir who has changed my life, brings twist into my career and of course to make my dream comes true.






F.A.C.T (Foreign Academic Consultancy & Training) …. These four words might look pretty simple to understand but getting into a foreign university is a quite lengthy and tedious process, but F.A.C.T made my path to the university much easier. As a new born baby needs his mother to flourish or grow healthy likewise I think getting into a good university without F.A.C.T is very difficult. Right from my training for GRE to getting my visa FACT was there with me. I thought 1140 was a bad score and I won’t get a good university, but I was totally wrong. Now I am in The University of Texas , one of the best universities for Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering only because of FACT. I was in FACT Nasik for my GRE and TOEFL training. Vaishali Ma’am and Sameep Sir guided me nicely throughout this process and I am very thankful to them. Whether good times or bad they and Prakash were always with me and gave a good supporting hand.

My special thanks to Katre Ma’am, Savita Ma’am and Avinash Sir who are really working hard in shaping students towards their goals and fulfilling their dreams. Without them my journey to US would have been impossible and that’s true. Due to some security problems my visa was on hold, But with the help of experts experience and advice everything became smooth and I got my visa as they said.

Lastly how can one forget Sunil Sir. He is a good motivator. When I got depressed with my visa hold he was the one who motivated me. He encouraged me to enjoy as much as I can in the visa hold period saying you deserve your visa and you will get it . I am really thankful to him as I enjoyed that duration instead of being depressed.

Once again special thanks to Sunil Sir , Katre Ma’am , Avinash Sir , Savita Ma’am , Vaishali  Ma’am and all other staff of FACT who contributed in making me reach great heights .






I did my bachelors degree in mechanical engineering with not that great acads and test score.  I wanted to apply for Mining and Mineral engineering for spring 2011. As a BE Mechanical it was not that easy for me to get admit for Mining program which is offered only in 13 Universities all over USA but Avinash Sir made it possible and admit was not from any random university but it was from quite a reputed University in the world for my program. And made me 1st student to have admit for that program in FACT. :P.

I thank FACT not only for SOP RECO and help during my application process but also for the encouragement and motivation during these six months of cumbersome process. Visa counseling was the best part of the whole process.  It was most imp part but Avinash sir made it a cake walk ;).

Thank you Avinash sir for all your words and motivation and I hope you will continue to help me in future. I also thank all members of FACT family for support Keep the good work going J

God bless u FACT

take care !

P.S.- Avinash Veer,  लई म्हणजे लैच भारी माणूसKeep Rocking! 






Avinash Sir, I will be flying to US on the 5th, as you know. And I must say that I am extremely satisfied with admit and see excellent opportunities for me. Let me take some time to THANK YOU for this as I got something better than what I deserved, thanks to your help and guidance. Thank You for all your efforts and an amazing sincere work ethic followed by you and all the other people at FACT. I really appreciate that you counseled me not by following just a simple, standard procedure, but by understanding MY UNIQUE NEEDS and helping me reach my goals. I was definitely benefited a lot by Avinash Sir’s vast knowledge of the American University system and your accurate judgment of the courses offered by various Universities.

Thank You for sticking to ground realities and advising in a way that would actually help me and not just make me 'feel good' temporarily.

Wishing you and the FACT team all the best and keep rocking throughout and continue to have bumper seasons like Spring 2011. I really like that your ideals are genuine and not just a marketing slogan. Continue to follow them and help more people get closer to achieving their aims.






After giving my 12th I joined fact. It was awesome experience. We had lot of fun.
They help me in many ways. They are one of the best consultancies. Best in the way dat before joining the fact i gone to many xyz consultancies they said me nothing about scholarship. But fact helped me. They have nice trainers. Shraddha was always there to help me at any time. sunil sir were usually encourage me. Avinash Sir and Kiran Mam always supported me in my document. And Katre mam have helped me lot in my visa process. Riten sir gave me some important quant technique. Last but not the least Hiren sir was also supportive. In short entire fact was nice. They are very supportive. Bcoz of them my dream of studying in US came true and today i am there. i still cant believe, its like a dream. I would recommend my frnds dat if they want to study in abroad then they shld go with fact bcoz they will help you in right manner. My visa was rejected twice. I was confused wat to do. But fact took my preparation so perfectly that i rocked third tym. Thank you fact once again. Miss u!



photo to be uploaded soon



Hi friends!!My name is harsh and I am very glad to leave you guys a testimonial about F.A.C.T. I had joined F.A.C.T. a year ago for guidance and counseling. The staff of the F.A.C.T. gave me proper guidance and teaching for my entrance tests like GRE and TOEFL, and I was able to clear them without any tension. They make you to give many online and computer adaptive tests which boosts your confidence level. They advised me during my entire application process, which made it easy and comfortable. I had a guarantee of admission to reputed university in USA. They gave proper visa training, so I secured my visa. The entire experience was  great, wonderful, friendly and very helpful.
Last but not the least, enrolling with F.A.C.T. is not limited until you fly to USA, they are there forever to help you in your ups and downs.






FACT....You can blindly trust on...!!!

It gives me pleasure to write this testimonial for FACT who made my journey towards MS a smooth and satisfying one. When I gave my GRE because of my low scores, I was totally confused if i would get an admission in a good university. As I was working it was not possible for me to retake the GRE because of my busy schedule. That time i went to FACT n I personally spoke to Mr. Sunil Shah who really helped me gain my confidence back and assured me of giving admission into a university of good repute. He and his team collected sufficient Data from me about my work ex, my academics, extra curricular etc. and then Avinash Sir worked on my SOP and LORs so well that In spite of getting low GRE scores the final outcome was fantastic.

The application process went well. I was aiming to apply in the universities having good background with minimal costs. Avinash sir gave me the perfect list of universities and then i applied in 5 universities out of which i got 4 admits. Let me tell you this person helped me so much in clearing my small small doubts. I am really thankful to him. 

After this the main task was collecting all the financial documents for visa and cracking it. Fact had organized one seminar where we had given thorough information on organizing things after getting admits from universities which I found truly helpful. Needless to say that the visa process went well without any hindrance. If you guys have any questions regarding further studies or application process then this is the BEST place you should visit.






Foreign Academic Consultancy & Training (FACT) is the institute which has made a foundation for my educational background. FACT is a very helpful institute and has an experienced faculty who are always there for you. Rather than a simple institute, it can be referred as a "Solution Center" for every individual who is seeking for abroad studies. In this institute every student is provided with personalized solution.

I think VISA success rate is the real strength of FACT. As I was the only one out of those 8 students standing in a line on counter 14 in VISA embassy who’s VISA was approved. This proves that FACT takes extra efforts to guide students through important step that is US VISA. I am always grateful to this institute which made my dream come true of studying in USA.I will recommend FACT to each and every person who seeks my advice on educational counselling.........!!!!!!






The beginning:

As a Journalist, the one year spent with FACT in planning my MA Journalism was the way I like it-Online. Help was available 24x7 with Mr. Hiren Rathod and Mr. Avinash Veer dicing out valuable advice at the sound of a ping. When the crescendo and volume of pings rose, I hopped in to FACT's Borivali or Andheri (my favorite) office. Being brutally honest, I relied on FACT for the moral support.  

The result:

Facts speak for themselves. I shall be beginning my Journalism Master's in August 2011 from world's first and the best Journalism school. Missouri School of Journalism has been the effervescent 'dream' university. And the easy-does-it manner of FACT's Application 'file' has thoroughly worked. I was admitted in United States' 7 TOP programs!

The bank of knowledge:

On a personal level, Hiren has been a great friend. I remember him telling me a million instances of his stay in US as a Graduate Student (Clemson University) and my questions never seemed to end! We'll remain great friends now. On the other hand, Avinash Sir has been the ultimate authority to ask any question under the Sun. I thoroughly remember being told, "It is tough to be considered for Journalism Scholarships as you're not a Journalism Undergrad". But hey, I won a $20,000 Fellowship! So the possibilities are endless. Trust this man, blindly.

May I formally thank the whole team of FACT.

Special Note: For Journalism, make sure you meet Miss Shraddha Kurmi. Her words, "Anybody can be a Journalist from the time he believes she/he is Journalist" have stuck with me and how!






FACT – has made me flourish and helped me extend my horizons further… .


As in both counseling and teaching was a great help to me ,but I will predominantly enforce on counseling as it has made me reach in one of the good university in States n all credit goes to Avinash Sir .


Punctuality of FACT – is one thing I appreciate the most ..in FACT .They are with us in every situation and willing to solve any problems We students come across.


Discipline of FACT – also made me reach to my target successfully .Every staff is so disciplined that one doesn’t need to be apprehensive about anything.


Most important of all comes the bonding of students and staff in FACT. Every person from staff is available to us and help us. Also students who are passed out from FACT are the equally helpful to new students from FACT. This depicts FACT co-ordination with every student, ex-students, present students as well as future students.


We can’t thank FACT enough this testimonial is just a token of appreciation to all their work and hardships towards me.






Fact as an institution has trained and guided me through all the steps to obtain admission in the University of Louisville. Avinash sir helped me with my math for my GRE in which thanks to his guidance i got a 750. He then helped me short list universities which would help me with my research interests and get admission into a good program. All this was happening during my MSc exams but I was not so stressed as I knew I could completely rely on his guidance, he answered all my hundreds of questions patiently and assured me I was on the right path. Kiran ma'am, Katre ma'am and Raghavan sir were also there for me whenever i needed their expertise, they always encouraged me and prepared me for everything all the way from my exam to my visa preparation. They truely do a thorough job. I believe Fact helped me get admission here and for that I am glad I took admission in Fact as they truely have a dedicated staff.






All these years I had dreamed of studying in the US and all I want to say is that today when I am about to leave for the States  its all because of F.A.C.T that my dream has come true. I worked really hard to achieve and get into a good university and F.A.C.T worked even harder to get me into one of the best. I am really overwhelmed about the experience I had with F.A.C.T. Mr. Avinash Veer was my counselor and I must say that its because of his efforts and ideas, his help that made me so comfortable being in any situation be it the application process or selecting the universities  or ultimately finalizing one.  There have been instances in the admission process where I felt that it was actually worth it enrolling into the F.A.C.T family, especially after I got my Visa approved not only because Avinash prepared me well for the Visa interview but also because they were like a family to me.  They were with me through out the process and the best part about being with them was whenever  I thought I had some trouble dealing with things in the application process, Avinash and the rest of the F.A.C.T members were always there with the solution.

Right from my GRE preparation and TOEFL with Bina Madam and Navin Sir to the File assembling with Kiran Madam to the orientation overviews and guidance of Katre madam  and of course my Counselor and friend Avinash Veer, all have been special and different with their conduct. I would like to thank all of them for being a part of this important step of my life.  Its really been special being a part of F.A.C.T and the journey continues as I will always be a F.A.C.T member. 

Thank you F.A.C.T  once again for always being there for me.






To start off with, I would first like to thank my dear friend Dhaval for suggesting me to join FACT when I was thinking of studying abroad. Now, when I m about to fly, joining FACT has proved to be one of the wisest decisions. Apart from help in obvious things like university selection, application process, recos, SOPs, and Visa process, one more precious thing I got from FACT is friendship with Avinash Sir. Yes, he is more like a friend rather than career advisor, as his amiable behaviour did never let us think of him as a counselor. For me and my friends, FACT is all about Avinash Sir. No need to talk about his manifest characteristics like ingenuity, intrepidity about expressing opinions, etc.

One thing, which I initially thought, was not-so-fair, but now I appreciate, is, while application process, he never spoon-fed us with the information we required. On the other hand, he suggested us to find it on our own. He never filled application forms for us (which, I know, he did for some crybabies..:D), rather told us to do things on our own. This, not only helped us in knowing every damn thing about all universities we applied, but also gave us a lot of confidence, we should develop, about the universities, before applying. So, its not direct information, but the way of finding it, is what Avinash Sir and FACT have taught me.

Thank you FACT and especially Avinash Sir, for your efforts for getting me into good University and would like to wish best of luck for future success.






What began as a speculative shot at post graduate studies has snowballed into a dream come true opportunity for me. In a country of billions where IT is the bread and butter of majority of the engineers, I knew it would be hard for me to develop a reputation without any specialised knowledge. And despite these concerns, post graduation was not easy. Even a GATE score of 90+ percentile was not good enough. So, I gave GRE, without any concrete plans. And yet, the team at FACT knew the future better than me. Even before I gave my GRE they were confident of me gettin into a world-class institute. And post-GRE the belief grew stronger. There were doubts and tensions throughout, but Avinash sir with his complete understanding of the entire process guided me and most importantly helped me build my confidence to be worthy of thse high ranked institutes.

FACT has made me accomplish a dream which had seemed so impossible. I have made it to an Ivy league university for post graduation after watching myself fail to get into a decent engineering college for undergraduate studies. It was the shrewd guidance and encouragement of Avinash sir and the entire team that enabled me to dream big and achieve bigger. I hope they continue encouraging students and bringing the very best out of them.






I made sure I had checked out all the institutions that guide students in GRE, TOEFL and the admission counseling etc. I enrolled myself into FACT because the staff was more personal and that they had no fixed timings for classes. Beena mam made sure I was always revising my Barron's words and was taking regular online and computer based tests. After my GRE, I met Avinash sir, who in the beginning used to scare me to hell because he is so direct and open while interacting. It was he who helped me in my admission procedure. Initially it was hard as I was made to do most of the hard work leaving me frustrated. I realized later that since Avinash sir made me do most of the hard work I was a much more confident student. He was ACTUALLY preparing me facing the difficulties I would come across when I'd be alone in the US. Last but not the least I would always remember Kiran mam for her warmth and affection I felt every time I met her. Surprisingly, Sunil sir's statements are still fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday. He'll always keep inspiring me. In FACT, not only did I find mentors but also my extended family !  






My association with FACT dates back to 2009 when I saw an ad in the newspaper and attended a FACT seminar. That's when I realized the importance of getting QUALITY education from a reputed university. I immediately enrolled myself into the institute. Since then, my career has taken a turn for the better and I've never looked back. All the faculty members of FACT are experienced and very friendly. They are ready to give advice any day of the week whether it is on the phone, in person or online. They also helped me clear all the doubts I had about the application process. FACT's SAT and TOEFL coaching is exhaustive and excellent while the visa question-answer session is realistic and awesome. Kudos to the FACT team who helped me right from
preparing for the SAT to packing my bags! Joining this institute was simply the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you FACT for making my dream of studying in the USA come true!






20 months ago Katre Madam unfolded to me the wonders(!) of education in USA and I joined FACT to touch these wonders. The path to do so was to score well in SAT and TOEFL and Bina Madam was a friend-cum-philosopher throughout that path. Then after that I got acquainted with a counselor who never seemed to counsel you - Sir Avinash Veer :D You talk, you share some laughs and then you leave the desk with a memory and smile .. and then a moment later it strikes you that you just got counseled !!  

Now, as i depart from India,I have two great mementos from FACT - A much wanted scholarship and a most possessed memory !! ^_^






I Joined FACT with very intent of getting a professional counselling regarding which univs to shorlist and which to apply. The very first interaction and a few subsequent interaction between me and avinash sir were like i was very tensed and Sir was cool. but later in the due course i started to relax and sir became a little worried about me. The actual concern about me that sir had i came to know when i had got to know from one the FACT studnets who worked with me, She told me sir had kiddingly told me not to come for not many sessions of visa counselling and i became so confident staying with sir that only one of its kind worked out for me. Even i realised that the kind of bonding that i developed with avinash sir was not like a counsellor and a student but as a family member. The best part or the USP of FACT i feel is the pre-departure orientation. It in actual sense broadens your vision and makes you focus onto your goals. there i could find not only current flying students but the students who had flown down to India on their vacation to share their experiences with the newbees like us. and to inspire the following batch students.

I wish all the very best to all the fellow students and a word of advice to one who have or are in thought to enroll @FACT trust yourselves and evrything else will be taken care by FACT.






The experience with FACT was awesome. I still remember the day I gave my GRE and received a very low score after which admission to MS seemed an impossible thing . I thought I would have to reappear the exam due to such low score but a friend of mine suggested to consult Avinash sir once before taking any decision. And that was a turning point I had. FACT team guided me throughout the process from selecting Universities to writing SOP & LOR's to sending files. FACT made the entire process a cakewalk. And the result I got admission in a dream University of mine.  






They say there is difference between knowing the path and walking the path. In this world almost everyone knows the path leading their respective destinies but only few end up reaching there because walking the path is much more difficult and entirely different kind of experience than just knowing the same. I sincerely thank Sunil sir, all the FACT faculty & consultant/big brother/friend/guide/(and many more relations to add…) Avinash sir who made path to my destiny look so simple that I just felt like walking in a park.

After reaching this point when I look back and think, I realize that it was so not possible for me to achieve my dream without blend of their expertise in the domain of foreign education. I wish FACT the best to continue the good work of guiding students to realize and achieve their dreams & transforming them into extraordinary scholars.






My association with FACT goes back to the month of August 2010.I entered the FACT office with little other than a strong desire to pursue my higher studies in USA.  From the moment I spoke to Katre Ma’m that rainy evening in August, I knew I was in expert hands. Right from my GRE preparations up until my VISA interview my counselors and teachers guided me at each and every step of the application process. Attending Beena Ma’m, Naveen Sir and Vaibhav Sir’s lectures made me believe I can do well on the GRE. After my exams I was in the adept hands of Avinash Sir who meticulously looked into every big and small detail constituting the application process. A big thank you to Avinash Sir!! The preciseness of Katre Ma’m, the smiling face of Kiran Ma’m, the thorough knowledge of Avinash sir as well as the expert guidance of the teachers is what makes FACT so special. It is much more than a professional entity…it is an extended family!

Thank you FACT for  playing such a significant role in helping me chase my dreams!!






It gives me pleasure to write this testimonial for FACT who made my journey towards MS a smooth and satisfying one. I remember I joined FACT on the day I took GRE. One of my friends gave me their reference. My GRE score was fairly satisfactory (I didn’t feel the same though). I was really upset, confused and lots of skeptic stuff going through my mind. That time I went to FACT and I personally spoke to Avinash sir and Kiran ma’am. It all started with listing out the universities, online applications, mailing packets and all that stuff. Avinash sir really helped me a lot. He worked on my SOP, drafted my recommendations beautifully. Then after all admits and I20s stuff, the main task was getting visa. FACT had organized one seminar where Sunil sir explained all the minute details about the visa procedures. I was tensed about the visa interview. But Avinash sir really helped me a lot to prepare for it.

   Now after 6-7 months of my association with FACT I feel, that was one day when I was skeptical about my admissions, and today I have made it to UT, Dallas and got my visa as well. I remember every single time me asking Avinash sir whether my score was competitive enough and he would just reply “arey bindaas, tension nako gheus re.”

   I would like to say a few things about Avinash sir. He is a rOcKstar, very intelligent, helpful, humorous (at times sarcastic :D), criticized me a lot for my stupid laid back attitude. I would get angry (never showed though :D). But today I realize that was all for my benefit. I would like to make this very clear to everyone reading this, never doubt Avinash sir’s judgement. I did that and was proved wrong every single time. Just blindly trust him guys. Like I said he simply rOcKs.

   Me and my parents’ whole heartedly thank the entire FACT team for guiding me through this complete process. And a very special thanks to Avinash sir.

   Lastly I would say, that was a day when I would visit FACT once in a blue moon, and this is the day when all my procedures are complete, I still need a reason to visit FACT every single day. That’s a kind of attachment. I guess this is what they mean when they say FACT FAMILY.






It was my childhood dream to pursue my education in the US. When I got to know of FACT, I immediately took an appointment to meet Sunil Sir and he guided me to pursue my Bachelors in US. As I started my journey to pursue my dream, it seemed like a difficult and long task. But I believed in my counselors and took the leap.

Today when I stand with the air ticket in my hand, it seems like I have achieved my dreams…and this is not only because of my hardwork and perseverance, but also because of…..

-Sunil Sir: my favourite counselor who made my dreams come true by being my teacher and my guide.

He is a true guide, who realizes the potential within each student and motivates each one to achieve their dreams.

-Shraddha Ma’am: a very friendly counselor who prepared me for my SAT and TOEFL exam and also guided me for my admission process and visa interview.

-Hiren Sir: a true counselor, dedicated to his work…he helped me throughout my admission process, visa interview!!!

(a special thanks to Sunil Sir, Hiren sir and Shraddha ma’am who were always there to attend to my calls and queries at any time of the day)

-Avinash Sir: a very knowledgable counselor. Thank you for helping me decide on my universities

-Riten Sir: a very jovial teacher who me quants and application of shortcuts for better results in the exam

-Katre Ma’am: for helping me to prepare for the VISA interview

Due to the help and guidance of all my counselors, I could clear my SAT and TOEFL with good scores, got admits from 6 universities and got my VISA in the first attempt itself!!!

My heartfelt thanks to all the FACT members for your constant guidance and support!






From a clueless truant to waiting in the wings of The University of Michigan : Rackham Graduate School - I am indebted to Katre Madam for making me believe and initiating me at FACT. Having given up on instruction and examination, I must admit I caused a bit of distress. But special thanks to Beena Madam for her patience and Vaibhav Sir for his unassuming yet efficacious instruction that allowed me to surpass (hell! - stun) myself with 1410 and 107 as my test scores. Not to forget Sunil Sir's online lectures - things just don't get any more convenient. In Avinash Sir I have made a friend for life. His knowledge and experience is as enviable as it is exploitable. A special mention here of the VISA prep conducted by Avinash Sir and Katre Madam - worth its weight in gold!

I wish FACT all the very best for the years to come. Once again - THANK YOU.







Its like Dream Come true. And to make my dream a reality FACT has played a very important part. Starting from encouraging us or making our process simpler and joy able. Start from choosing University and application process, FACT made the path simple and easy.  For this I specially thank Avinash sir and Kiran Mam for their help and make my dream a reality. Approaching FACT was my first step towards US. I thank FACT for this and wish All The Best For their success .






It’s not about the words. It’s about the feelings behind the words.

My life was in shambles when I first came to FACT. No resources on me, all I had was the promise to work hard and a dream to study and make it big. Shraddha just smiled and said “ho jayega”..I had no idea how it would happen, I just believed her. Riten and Shraddha went out of their way to adjust lecture timings to suit my job(s). In a month’s time, they got me prepared. Everyone at FACT was happier than me hearing my GRE scores. And then came the applications. Hiren would be exasperated with my trivial doubts, but I have to admit, he has been available for me 24*7. Whether it was with the credit card or replying to universities, he has walked the extra mile so that I would do it right. Avi sir was a genie, knowing exactly what universities I needed to apply to. Never having met me, the SOP was simply spot on. He and Katre ma’am said “is ladki ka visa tayari perfect chahiye”. Kiran ma’am played behind the scenes, helping with the documents, ironing out every minor hitch coming my way. And to top it all, Shah sir.. He was my MAMA..

Me going to USA was not just my aspiration anymore, it was their dream. FACT has worked like a candle burning on both ends to help me be what I want to be. I have not only found some life lasting friendships, I have found a family here. I feel like I am their most special student. I may not miss my mother’s ‘phulkas’, but surely this care and concern is what I am going to pine for.







Some very dear friends had recommended me to join FACT, and I am so glad I took their advice. FACT was extremely helpful throughout the process of application and choosing universities. I used to take most of my problems and doubts to Avinash Sir. So, for me, he was like the face that represented FACT. Avinash Sir is one of the most colorful personalities that I have ever came across ! His witticism and anecdotes will always keep you upbeat, even on dullest of days !

I would like to share a vivid memory I have about something Avinash Sir said, I had just received 3 rejects in a row and my accepts column still indicated a fearful naught ! I went to see Avinash Sir to discuss how tensed I was at that time, and all he had to say was " as long as I am smiling, you do not have a single reason to worry ! ". I felt reasonably calm after hearing that from him. On the same night that day, I got first admit ! It was then that I realized that Avinash Sir's experiences and insights are second to none. If you do not want to take my word for it, check his facebook profile and you will comprehend his experience of successfully sending students to the US. 

The entire FACT team has a big part in making the process of going to USA for education easy and reducing the anxiety related to it. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team and Avinash Sir in particular !  

Thank You FACT ! ! ! 






Immediately after my GRE got done, I heard a lot of negative things "arey acche university main milna mushkil hai","application process is too tough, you won't be able to manage it in your final year(BE)","visa gets rejected very often" and so on.Taking all these doubts , I stepped into FACT and since then ,the journey has been one rocking ride !!! Right from the application process to the visa stuff, I was completely supported by the FACT team and in particular, Avinash Sir. Those "meetings" with him,jokes and all included, are something I will cherish all my life.
As long as you are associated with FACT, going to a bad university is not an option at all.Their slogan says "Bindaas Bol !!".

I say"Aankh band karke Bindaas FACT join kar mamu, life aage set hai.....". Avinash Sir roxxx \m/






Today, with the visa and the ticket for USA in hand and counting the days remaining for departure, it feels like the entire application process has been a cake-walk. I would like to mention that it would not have been this easy but for FACT.

   When you are at FACT it just feels like being at home. Very friendly, helpful and jolly people but at the same time very focussed. They are more than just your career counsellors. The best part of being a FACT student is that you are never spoon-fed and you know how the process goes right from choosing the universities till you leave for US and further. One can ask for help anytime and the doubts are solved at the earliest.

    Avinash Sir, Kiran madam and Katre madam have been very supportive and helpful throughout the application process. Last but not the least Sunil Shah sir has truly been an inspiration and an icon for each one of us at FACT.

  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all these mentors at FACT for making this process very easy and a fun experience. Thanks a ton.






The entire Journey of FACT has been awesome....n i know that this FACT team will be with me during my future career also.
This is the trust I have developed for FACT...After getting a decent GRE score, Sunil Shah Sir showed me the direction to move ahead
and increased my confidence....and getting into UFL..one of the best University..would not have been possible without the Legend - Avinash Veer :)
So guys, once you join FACT... I assure you that you are into safe hands..and remember only 1 thing..i.e., to do as the Legend says :-) ENJOY!!!!






I still remember that day...sitting in Sunil Sir's cabin with tears in my eyes:(...n Sunil Sir,baba n Kiran Maam staring at me blankly...Yes I had got a bit emotional with a feeling that maybe whatever I had planned for myself professionally would soon go in for a toss...I had just started walking:P(had been on bed rest for 2 months with muscle tear in my leg)....and was coping with the recovery....I had lost crucial 2 months during which I had planned to study for my GRE...but obviously that had not happened and I was running out on time....explaining all this in my first meeting,I was expecting some sympathy and consoling...the way it generally happens when u see someone with tears in their eyes....but none of this happend... in fact we just had a casual talk.....and Sir made me realize that if you dream about sumthing in life then believe in yourself and in your dreams....WOW....that gave a depressed physiotherapist some confidence(let me tell you,I needed sumthing like this badly at that point)...By the time i took his leave I knew what I wanted 2 acheive and was all ready to put in efforts...I started with the GRE training and barely had 30 days 2 go 4 the exam....thru all this it was always nice 2 meet Kiran Maam...eversmiling:):)...she would take personal efforts to know about our preparations and would always have some suggestions and advises...thank you Maam:)...I never met Sunil Sir personaaly after my first meeting but would meet him online for the analytical writing sessions that he would conduct with students from all branches participating in the discussions...those sessions were really interesting and fun...next whom I met at FACT was Avinash Sir..(initially when I used to see him at office...I used 2 always wonder what he must be upto staring n constantly working on his chotu lappy....even on sundays:P:P...lol)....but now he's more like a friend than a counselor...he will always invariably answer even your sillest doubts:)...guiding thru the admisiion procedures,helping with the SOP,reco,VISA procedures,interviews...everything...at the back of my mind it used to be like Avinash sir hai naa..toh ho jayega..:).it was always a friendly atmosphere where we cud just talk,laugh on sum funny things going around,ask or argue and everything was appreciated...even doubts from parents would be taken up and there would always be timely communication with parents either helping them thru the visa papers or discussing about what wud be the best option for the child...Sir I still remember our meetings..yourself,me and baba(n how much u wud njoy those meetings:P:P....lol)...and yaa..i will always be grateful to you for saving me from the Banglore torture...hehehe:)...also during all these discussions Katre Madam wud always have sum helpful inputs...Thank you Maam...n a big Thank you to Avinash Sir...infact it was a amazing experience to be a part of the FACT family....and I would like to thank all associated with the FACT team...I know one thing for sure that i have FACT who will guide me not only at this stage but throughout my life....well...the JOURNEY has just started and I am happy that it is with all your guidance and wishes:):)

Thank you FACT:)






To sum up whole journey from a beginner to finally departing to US in such scarce words is impossible, but still all this began with the seminar arranged by FACT in Pendharkar College, Dombivli. I was in third year of Mechanical Engg., and then all sorts of primary questions and myths regarding costs and scholarships were resolved. The best thing which happened in all this process was joining FACT and meeting Avinash Sir. He is more like a close friend then a mere guide. He is most supportive and knows all the solutions to our queries.His knowledge regarding universities is unparalleled!!! The coaching of Beena mam will have an impact on me always, she is strict and knows how to take out best from the students.If I would have done something good in vocab, its all because of Beena mam.
   Katre mam always gives a motherly advice! And Kiran mam is the most convincing person i hav ever met. The online tests at FACT are helpful to students.The most important tip I would like to give to all future students is just keep your faith in FACT and moreover once you are enrolled and once you are with Avinash Sir then consider yourself to be in safe hands!!!






I had enrolled for FACT counselling and found out that the best thing about FACT is their efforts to make things as simple and uncomplicated for us as possible. In fact they make the process of your admission so simple for us, that we sometimes foolishly tend to believe that it is a cakewalk. But is their guidance that makes it easy.

I blindly trusted their opinions and have got extremely good results. They give personal attention to each student with each profile is assessed differently. Especially efforts taken by Avinash Veer sir are what that I appreciate the most. 

They do not teach you how to walk (it should be done by us), but they hold your hand so that you do not stumble and get lost during while doing the application process. This is what does helps you develop your confidence and set out for the actual MS journey with full enthusiasm.

It differentiates this counselling from others. FACT does not make you weak and dependent by spoon-feeding you during application process, but changes you into confident individual with an ability to decide what is best for himself.

I say it from personal experience..FACT rocks..!!






Its been a pleasure having Avinash Sir guide me for admissions. The BEST thing is, he is available almost all 24/7 online on gtalk or facebook, so you can just shoot him a doubt and it will be answered almost quickly. Inspite of him being very busy, your mail will be answered on time, within 48 hrs max, and your calls if missed will be returned back too on the same day. I remember him clearing a problem at around 12 at night when I was in a state of panic. Also he'll give you actionable facts that will make you take quick and clear decisions according to your needs.







My journey with FACT has been really comfortable. Every time I walked into that office, I knew I would see familiar faces- faces that cared enough about me and not just my scores. I think FACT really helped me take ownership of my studies and application. I was very well assisted in my essays and if I worked my 100%, I can say with certainty that Avinash Sir worked his 200% as well.

I have been recommending FACT to others for the same reason- own up to your life, shape your future education and take the expert guidance on your way.. I really like this approach that FACT takes - it really helped me understand myself..

FACT is also a place where I made friends for life- not so much with my peers but more so with my professors, counselors and others who always welcome you with warm smile and a warmer heart, no matter what the problem is..

FACT has also tried to customize its services for each student and that again has been a blessing. Every time my test scores were not up to the mark or my essays didnt reflect my best work, I was gently reminded to keep pushing myself- you learn a lot about excellence when the person you are working with, only works for excellence. I learned that by working with Avinash Sir.

I will truly miss Sir because of the deep respect I have for him and the earnest concern he has for me.. the 'FACT' is that I am not just going to do my MBA with a  50% scholarship, I am going there after making friends for life and having a really wonderful time at FACT.







I was in my 3rd year of Bachelor of Pharmacy, and I had absolutely no idea of what was I going to do after I am done with my degree. It was then when I heard about FACT seminar for guidance in studies abroad. I took an effort of attending it- and that is what, I think, has made my life..! I am here in the US pursuing a PhD course- all thanks to FACT.

Really, after the inspiring seminar by Sunil Sir, I almost made up my mind of applying to the US universities for post graduation. Not just me, but even my parents thought it would be great to do post- graduation from a foreign university. Very enthusiastically, I began all the preparations. Back then, I had no idea of what all had to be done. When I met Sunil Sir personally, I got to know about the long and tedious procedure for application to the universities which discouraged me a little bit; but Sunil Sir reassured that everything would be done smoothly and on time- and I made up my mind.

Truly my experience with FACT is great ! Avinash Sir was going to be guiding me with my application process- and that was the BEST I could have asked for! He took care of all my doubts and fears and was there with me throughout my application work. And, as promised by FACT, I had results in front of me! I finally landed in the US. How much ever I thank the entire FACT team is less. But still, thankyou FACT for making this Big dream a reality ! CHEERS..!!!






The guidance I have received at FACT has been invaluable. Without Avinash Sir's help, I would never have gotten in to such a good college for my MS. They are very organized and take the careers of the students very seriously. And after all this, all of us form one big family who are always there to look out for each other. FACT has been a rewarding experience and a stepping stone for my future.






FACT classes made my journey much too easy than I ever thought it would be. There was a point where I lost all hopes, but yet i was given a helping hand and now I am at the most satisfying state with admission into good university with complete funding. All this was possible due to Mr. Avinash Veer, believe it or not, He is always right and knows much more than us or what we can imagine, so be honest to him , that would help only you. I would miss visiting FACT every now and then for most minor queries! I made the right choice.

 If you reading this....you know what to do :) !






I joined FACT for Visa guidance and I must say I made a right decision. Avinash sir and Katre Mam gave me the best knowledge and training that was essential for getting my visa approved. FACT has a very friendly environment to start with any discussions and ask any doubts. Helping each of its student achieve their goal is the only aim of FACT and I was one of the blessed students to get help from such professionals who took me one step closer to my dream. Thank you FACT.






I still remember the day when I came at FACT Thane head office ...
Completely muddled and puzzled and  I was skeptic whether I could pursue MS in studies in US or not ...
Totally ambiguous  but ambitious about my future it was avinash sir who cleared my every doubt throughout the process ...
Rather he made myself strong enough to face any doubt and accomplish it ....

He always used to say "Mi jar tuza pratek doubt clear kela tar tula mazi savaya padun jail ....Mag nantar US la gelya nanatar tu kasa handle karshil.....tyapeksha jar ata alela doubt mi jar tula solve karayala lavala(obviously under his guidance ! ) ......tar nanatar tuch capable houn jashil ...Mi FAKT tula US university la admission deun tula sodun denar nahi...tar tithe gelyavar pan kahihi face karaayala tayari tuzi mi atach karun denar ahe !"

During my admission procedure due to some credit card problems my $420 of application was detained with two universities ...
When I run to Avinash sir to solve this convoluted situation; he just causally ordered "TWO CHAIS" and told me how to solve that .
I emailed and phoned university admission officer and accountant as per sir's guidance . His Non- Spoon feeding but helping nature helped me not only to redeem $420 but also waive off $165 of application fees of two university.

Best fact @ the FACT is that it provides personal guidance to every student at any time (obviously during office hours though they never bother calling them in midnight in case of emergency..LOL )!
Not like other institutes where you have to take appointment for a single frivolous doubt !
If you are associated with FACT, I can assure you will definitely get good university in  the United States.
I still hallucinate how I used to gave speaking test for TOEFL before BEENA madam.
Study atmosphere of FACT is very good that I cleared my TOEFL exam just studying for 10 days .

VISA process is most important part . Be it getting documents for VISA or mock interviews :  Avinash Sir , Katre Madam and        Kiran madam always there to lend me a helping hand . Specially a motivational speech Katre Madam before VISA interview day.
I glad that I am a part of FACT family now !
Thank you every one at FACT,              
Special thanks to Avinash Sir , Katre Madam and Kiran Maam  :)






I had a great experience at fact. And I owe most of my success to their guidance. They are very accommodating and encourage queries and they have an unabashed positive attitude, which is very reassuring. THANK YOU FACT FOR EVERYTHING. 






FACT has been proved helpful right from choosing universities for my specialization, applying to these universities, selecting the best admit considering different facts, VISA application procedure and of course, preparation for departure to USA. Avinash sir and Kiran ma'am guided me throughout these lengthy process. I have seen them taking so much efforts for each individual. Joining FACT was an awesome experience. Journey with FACT is not only till one gets into USA but it continues during graduation and even after that because FACT is like a family which would stand by us throughout. And I am proud to say that I am a member of this wonderful family.






I gave my GRE just because some of my friends were giving it in college, ended up with a decent score, scared to apply for universities from which I would probably get rejects, then the VISA tension,etc.

While I was working I realized I need to grow, at the same time was carrying the fright. I approached the brilliant, tolerant & statistical team of FACT. They guided me so well! right from my universities selection to SOP's, reco's, finances, etc. We targeted universities which had extensive courses in my field of interest. Finally, I got admits from all the universities I applied. Moreover their VISA counselling is so dedicated and well planned that at the consulate everything was a cake walk!

FACT exactly knows whats classwork & homework which got me into NEU, Boston, MA where I will get the maximum exposure in the field of CS & flourish internationally!

All I would say is "FACT ko laga dala toh life jingalala:P "

Thanks a lot FACT! owe you all the success :-)






I planned my MS, 2 years after my graduation and FACT helped me to execute the plan end to end. I seriously believe, FACT has the best faculties to help one to secure admission in foreign university. I would like to appreciate Avinash sir, who made the process look very easy. He also gave me the extra time by considering my hectic work schedule. I wish all success to the FACT team.






Thanks a lot for all your help. I loved FACT for all its help and guidance .I hope you keep on doing the same for many more. I wanted to talk to you personally but it was so sudden and now I am in New York in the middle of a semester. Cornell is a good school and the course is amazing. Thanks a lot again.






I have recently realized that finally my dreams have come true. I had this dream to study abroad and had started working on it one and a half years ago. I came to FACT a week before my GRE exams & had my vision more broadened and moral doubled. I met this excellent personality Mr. Sunil Shah. I was really fascinated by his office. I was disappointed by my GRE score but Avinash Sir showed me the silver lining in that dark shocked mind of mine. I held my total belief in Avinash Sir since that day. I put all my questions and got my answers. Sir really sorry for those silly ones. Avinash sir my true inspiration was your statement "Tujhe to ab helicopter hi ayega MIT se lejaneke liye". I had an excellent time preparing for my applications. I thank Avinash sir from the bottom of my heart for finding this beautiful university. I know a lot might hear it for the first time but it just made a place in my heart since the day I applied to it. I am a very contented person wrt to counselling, not because it was just GRE/GMAT counselling but it has changed my career, my future. I sincerely thank the fact team Sunil sir, Kiran maam, Katre maam and personally a special thanks to Avinash sir. The pre-departure party was the best and the happiest ending to my personal correspondence with FACT.

I am gonna miss you all.






I came to  know of FACT through a short seminar I attended at Patrakar Bhavan. I immediately signed up for the admissions counseling after the seminar. Sunil sir gave an overview of the whole education process in the US. What impressed me the most was the university selection process that he believed in- going through the university websites, checking out the research labs and projects, going through the faculty pages- which helps you get a better idea of the university rather than relying on the rankings. When I went for the counselling, that is what Ajay sir did too. He gave me a list of universities separated into groups based on the difficulty of getting an admit from them, and the final selection was done by me out of the list. So, I studied each university and then made an informed decision about where to apply, after talking with Ajay sir about each university. The visa guidance was very good too, as the complete list of documents to be prepared was given along with the exact financial requirements to prepare for.  So the visa process went very smoothly and easily- without any stress. I am grateful to Ajay sir for the very specific instructions that he gave about the application process, so there's no room for any doubt. Ashwini is also always cheerful, always helpful anytime you go to the office. So its fun to go to the office with any questions that you might have. Thank you very much to Ajay sir, Ashwini and the whole FACT team for a very wonderful experience!



photo to be uploaded soon



"...Going to USA for Masters." We hear this around us all the time. "..My aunt's sister's daughter went to USA last year and she did this..." Most of the time I was lost trying to figure out who they are talking about exactly and could hardly concentrates on what they did last year which was so brilliant.

I dealt with my share of free advices which frankly nothing more than confused me further. The entire process of application is daunting but when you have just a single reliable source of information, everything falls into place. We are all capable of achieving what's in store for us and have to walk the way alone. But we need a roadmap. And FACT gave that to me. I walked the way myself- proud and happy- with that road map in my hand.

I went to FACT Thane after my GRE so I wont be in a position to talk about how they coach for the tests (although I have heard a lot of good reviews about the same) But I was about to take my TOEFL in three days when I joined FACT and Raghvan sir gave me a set of TOEFL CDs to practice and offered to help me in anything I needed for the same. I was completely surprised by this gesture. It’s very rare that someone offers valid help without being asked for it or being charged for it. And it touched me. Right then I realized that this place wasn't like the other corporate places which claim to be counselors. These guys in their warm cozy Thane office were counselors as they should be.

FACT helped me with my recos, SOPs, college lists, mock visa interview and the likes. Everything the counselors anywhere else would do. But there's more to FACT than just that. Avinash Sir will spend time with you discussing anything from the list of Universities to the list of places he wished to visit coming monsoon. He seems like the favorite professor we all had back in college who would sit with us on the desks and chat before the lecture began. But Avinash sir is a tyrant. Well, not exactly. But he can be brutal to the point where you sit up in your chair and grow up!

I remember calling Avinash Sir initially with the stupidest, tiniest doubts I had about, well about anything. He cleared all the doubts. But soon my calls had become scarce and that’s when I realized that I wasn't intimidated by the application process anymore. I could look at all the mails I received from all the universities I had applied to and be able to read through it without hyperventilating. I could click on that reply button and be sure that I wasn't going to mess up. And that I think is priceless, that confidence that everything's going all right. 

Everyone at FACT is helpful and brilliantly well humoured. It’s amazing how much a witty comment means to you when you're waiting to hear back from your dream university. All in all I would say that no matter how many words you have mastered for your GRE I bet you that you will understand the true meaning of the word 'amicable' when you step into FACT's office.