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Amit, working for a software company, he approached FACT for counseling, and with our guidance is currently pursuing MBA with 60% aid.





A mechanical graduate, Veerendra was working for a software company when he approached FACT who placed him where he is pursuing MBA in Finance.





Wanted to go abroad for higher studies, she approached FACT for guidance and is now pursuing MBA in Finance.




A professional wrestler, Vishal is currently doing MBA. Simultaneously he is also active in wrestling.





Swapnil wanted to go for higher studies with full aid only. We guided him and today he is placed for MBA in Operations.



Ashwin was a guy with creative mind having a degree from J J School of Arts. In middle of career he found that he needs to have management degree to expand his business at global level. Though he was sure about this need, he was thinking that with his just satisfactory academics, he can’t get top business school. He discussed his exact needs with us and according that we guided him to course in top business school which will be useful for his further business plans.   





A very talented student from Baroda, he was working for top software firm in Mumbai. We place him top business school with scholarship.



A hardcore chemical engineer, who has done only plant designing and process engineering in his whole career. He was bit bored with this routine work. He came to us for admission/visa counseling; we placed him in top business school with aid. As a passionate trekker, he has also guided some of  FACT students for trekking!




Hardcore trekker who was working for top software company wanted to do MBA from top ranked school. We placed him in top school for MBA in International Business with aid.





Rahul is BE for Mumbai’ top engineering college. We guided him for application and visa procedure. He was in dilemma after getting admits from top business schools from all over world. But again Boston was place where he found that he can flourish his career well. He will be pursuing MBA in Finance. He has also received aid.

We have a database of more than 1,000 students. Contact us on chat, phone or at our nearest office and we can help you with more information.