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 Case Studies


Amey Banarse 

Working with Amey was fun. He was just a little above average student but extremely fond of his branch EXTC. Moreover, his projects- academic and out of personal interest were so interesting, that in spite of having average grades, he got into a high ranked university with scholarships





A Computer Engineer from Sinhgad College, Rhishikesh always knew that he wants a Top Ranked U for doing an MS. With his extremely good academic background and good GRE Score, he was looking for a Counselor who could understand his program requirement and place him well. He met us and started working with us on the same day.  Today he is studying in top university with a Scholarship of $15000/-.




Deepti is a bright engineer from KKW, Nasik. She was one student who appreciated the need of an expert career advisor. Followed our advice to the T. She was one of the most positive and motivated students of her batch. Result? Got into University of Massachusetts for a masters program in Electrical Engineering.




A BE Mechanical graduate, Sameep wanted to do research in renewable energy resources and with the help of FACT, is currently pursuing the same successfully.




Kiran was looking for good course after 5 years of satisfactory career from software firm, with  FACT guidance he is currently pursuing MS in Information Management.


Satish Bhat


Satish was working for Infosys for 4 years and was very unsure of the idea of going for a Masters education in USA. We motivated him and gave him examples of more students like him. He decided to move ahead and completed Masters program in Software Engineering with Graduate Assistanceship.


Prithviraj Bhosale

Another highly motivated and sincere engineer who always believed in professional guidance and respected the seriousness of the entire process. He was most co-operating of our clients and this helped us in placing him with more than 75% scholarships.


Abhijeet Jangam

Abhijeet once read an article from our CEO Mr. Sunil Shah in which he read that masters education in USA can be completed in less than Rs.6 Lakhs. He wrote an e mail stating that this is not possible. He was working in L & T Infotech at that time and had given up his plans of studying in USA thinking it will be very expensive. We called him in the office and had a long chat with him, but he was still not convinced. Finally, we made an appeal that at least he should complete the process and see the result for himself. The result was he got full scholarships, completed the masters program in less than Rs.2 lakhs and now, is working for IBM in USA.


Mayuresh Kasture

Mayuresh came from a very modest financial background. He was working in a software company and his major apprehension of studying in USA was the cost. He met us and decided to work under our guidance. We applied for Spring semester, but did not get admits of our choice. We convinced him to apply once again in Fall. He agreed without any complaint against not getting admits of choice in Spring. The trust he put on us while once again applying in Fall semester gave fantastic results and he left for US in Fall 2008 with 100% scholarship and USD1,700 stipend. That was more than the salary he was drawing here! We strongly believe that this is the victory of student’s faith in the counseling process.



A Biomedical Engg graduate, Ragini is currently pursuing PhD in Biomedical Engg.



Prasanna’s story is one of the most inspiring stories. He and his father attended our seminar at Vashi and immediately after the seminar, declared their interest in enrolling with us. We advised them to take a week to think. His father ran a news paper distribution business, and throughout his graduation, Prasanna will deliver news papers and then go to his engineering college. His behavior and attitude was refreshingly unlike most other engineering students in Mumbai. It was a challenge for us to place him in an American University, but on his co-operation and his fathers enthusiasm, we decided to take the challenge. We placed him again with scholarships and it was our pleasure that Prasanna worked as a faculty in the same office where he was a student for 8 months before he left for USA. Words can’t express our feelings for him and his father.




Rahul has been a student of an ordinary engineering college with good GRE scores. He was bit skeptical about which course to do? He was also not sure about getting admission into the top schools due to his college. He was in total dilemma. We guided him to select proper course to suit his requirements and placed him in topmost university for MSMIS.





Vineet is very creative in terms of creating structures and was very keen to get in to program of green architecture. We guided him to get his choice of course in top university.





A student from top engineering college of Mumbai with good academics and having few years of work experience from top company - this has been the background of Amol. Earlier his GRE score was very poor and he was not willing to take it again. But we motivated him to take GRE again, which resulted in very good score. FACT placed him in top industrial engineering university with scholarship. 




A biotechnology graduate who was working for Software Company due to lack of employment opportunities in her field. She was planning to pursue Masters in Bioinformatics but could not get suitable options in India. She came to us and we guided her to achieve her dreams.





A very enthusiastic engineer who wanted to learn new things in mechanical engineering. He was highly interested in Mechatronics area. We placed him in a university who provided different areas of Mechatronics which can satisfy his thirst of knowledge.  





Sujit came to us with rich experience in field of manufacturing engineering. He was working with Mercedes Benz. We make sure that his rich experience will benefit his university also. We guided him to not only secure admission but assistantship, too with tuition waiver.





Good academics, passion for aerospace engineering but poor GRE score! This three things were story of vishal’s background. He was not sure about his admission and had left hope for admission in aerospace engineering. But we told me him that if you have passion for aerospace field, we will guide you for well written recos and SOP. Result, he is studying in top aerospace engineering school.





Bubbly girl from Bellary, who had decent academics but poor GRE score! When she came to us, she asked typical question to us that what is guarantee that I will get admit on this score? Our answer was, not only GRE score but your other extra and co-curricular activities are also important. Well written SOP and recos helped her to be placed in Silicon Valley for MS Engineering Management.





A lecturer from Jondhale College of Engineering, she actuallt started procedure a bit late. And from her so called ‘advisors/friends’, she came to know that this is very late to apply for US schools. We planned her application procedure in such a way that she didn’t miss any deadline. And result, she is pursuing MSCS in USA.





Satchit never imagined that he could ever go for an MS in Mechanical Engineering with Scholarship. We placed him in Rochester Institute of Technology with Highest Scholarship.




He can be easily a good example of proverb, for education there no age limit. He was 45 when he came to us and asked whether I can go for masters? Our reply was, why not? He was working in gulf. From there he gave GRE and TOEFL. We completed all his requisite procedures here in India, involving his wife. Today he is in USA, completed his MS and well settled!




Dinesh could not believe when he got through Top university with a Scholarship. The kind of Academics and GRE Scores his friends were having, it was unbelievable for him that he’d got the same university.




If you have read all these cases, you will realize that there are 2 important factors for a successful career in USA. The first is the positive attitude and co-operation from our students and the second is our ability and willingness to go the “EXTRA MILE” in guiding them academically. It is this “EXRA MILE” which gives fantastic results and it is only possible when the above mentioned 2 factors co-exist. Call us or fill up the form on the site and fix up an appointment with any of our senior advisors and see the difference.