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Education Opportunities for Commerce Graduates in USA


         There is large part of student community who study commerce.

       Most Commerce graduates think that 12+3 wont work for USA. There are US universities who accepts 12+3 education. 

         These graduates need proper guidance to plan their career

         As engineers, these students too listen to their friends and engineers and land up in a country where they dont have progressive career opportunities.

       As an outcome, parents land up wasting too much of money 

       Your friends and seniors may be helpful, but are they capable and experienced enough?


Why FACT as an advisor?

       Extensive experience of guiding commerce graduates (More than 1,000 in last 10 years)

       Guaranteed improvement of scores on GRE

       The most comprehensive on line training for GRE along with classroom training 

       Guidance for substantial scholarships leading to savings of Lakhs of rupees

       An application strategy that will get you the best placements

       Accurate VISA guidance leading to assured success


       62% of our commerce graduates get scholarships

       More than 300 commerce graduates have enrolled in last 3 years

       More than 70% of our students come from families of Bank employees, Govt. Employees and Teachers

       All our students spend less than half of their seniors and friends

       Study the case studies section of this site

Cost of Education

       Most students unaware of latest information and analysis land up spending more than Rs.20 Lakhs Details 

       The deciding factor is

o        selection of University

o        Hard work in the right direction Details

        If done carefully, the cost comes to

o        Rs.7 to 7 Lakhs for 2 years course

The Route to USA

       Test Preparation (GRE and TOEFL)

       Application Procedure

o        Selection of University

o        Selection of Program

o        Statement of Purpose

o        Recommendation Letters

       Financial Documents

       Financial Planning

       VISA Application and Interview


       Complex process of application with huge money at stake

       You can save lakhs of rupees of your parents by following our guidance

       Meet us once and you will understand the importance of guidance

        Beware of friends offering unauthentic free advice


FACT can help YOU

       FACT is specialised in guiding students for education abroad

       FACT guides students from HSC to Ph.D.

       FACT is ISO 9001:2000 certified 

One meeting with any of our senior advisors will change your career.
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