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Case Studies



Extremely talented physiotherapist who wanted to pursue further coursework in USA. She was totally co-operative in counseling work and result; we placed her for MPT in top university.





A Physiotherapist having almost 10 years of experience in this field! Ivan wanted to know modern techniques in physiotherapy. We guided him for exact course and the result, he is studying in top physiotherapy school.




An enthusiastic occupational therapist, who was very clear about her course requirements. We provided her universities which can fit her needs and now she is doing MS OT in USA.




We are always proud in saying that we understand the needs of students! Preeti was a failure case from other counselors and due to this she was very much skeptical to join us. We told her that nobody in market places more physiotherapists, than us, in USA. She believed in us and she will be pursuing MPT in USA now.




A committed physiotherapist, who wanted to pursue career in kinesiology. We placed her in a program of her interest in New York.





Amruta is girl from small town but with big dreams in her eyes. Her efforts and our expertise in this field, landed her in US for MS in exercise science with assistantship.





Rajeshwari is highly passionate physiotherapist. We placed her in US university with assistantship. She is excelling in academics there, too.





Occupational Therapist from top college in Mumbai, wanted to study administration techniques. We guided him and he is currently pursuing MHA in top school.




If you have read all these cases, you will realize that there are 2 important factors for a successful career in USA. The first is the positive attitude and co-operation from our students and the second is our ability and willingness to go the “EXTRA MILE” in guiding them academically. It is this “EXRA MILE” which gives fantastic results and it is only possible when the above mentioned 2 factors co-exist. Call us or fill up the form on the site and fix up an appointment with any of our senior advisors and see the difference.